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Admin or 1wtc please read (different thread same title)

It says that I am in the beta server but I am not in it could you please help me

No I just left the serverserver yesterday and it says that I am online in beta but I am justsitting at the main menu

It could be a server problem as my friend wasn't able to connect earlier but give me a sec and I'll see if its the same for me



Well it says in the list that I am currently on it

It happens if you're on the main menu it will say you're playing. It's fine just leave and reload the website.

I am also unable to connect. The server is currently down and it just keeps the list of who was on last on it.


i cant even connect to beta 

 Yes, like I said the server is not 'properly online' at the moment, it crashed for whatever reason and will need a quick restart. No one will be able to connect until then


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