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[The Dalek Mod Suggestion] The Cyberman "Upgrade" [Mobs, Bosses, Structures, Weapons, and more](Last Upgraded- Dec 16)

 Last Updated- December 16th

(I have finally managed to be able to edit the main post. Things will be reorganized once I get to this)

I decided to move a few things from the Forums. Here's every way I can think of to make the Cybermen much more Awesome. I'll put this into a much more organized format in the near future


 TABLE OF CONTENTS/Quick links for navigation

Planets (Details will be added soon):








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Cyberweapon 1: The Glitter Gun


Method of obtaining Weapon: It can be found in chests that generate inside UNIT structures.


Ammunition: Gold Bullets


Purpose: They are a really effective weapon against Mondasian Cybermen


Origin: The Fourth Doctor makes a reference to these weapons in Revenge of the Cybermen. They may have actually appeared on show at one point but idk.



Cyberweapon 2: Hand Pulse



Method of obtaining Weapon: Hand pulses are a rare drop from "Clever Villagers."


Ammunition: None, but uses are limited


Purpose: They are a really effective weapon against Cybermen, but their purpose is to cure "Clever Villagers".


Origin: Nightmare in SIlver





Cyberweapon 3: Throwable Cybermites



Method of obtaining Weapon: Cybermites are a rare drop from "Clever Villagers"


Ammunition: 1-5 uses



  • When thrown on players, it may have a chance them nausea.
  • When thrown on villagers it has a chance to turn them into partially converted Cybervillagers.
  • There's an incredibly low chance Cybermites will turn villagers into Clever Villagers
  • Wolves, Ocelots, Dogs, and Cats become Cyberwolves, CyberOcelots, Cyberdogs, and Cybercats
  • Horses have a REALLY low chance of becoming Cyberhorses 


Origin: Nightmare in Silver.




Cyberweapon 4: Cyberman "Lamps"


Method of obtaining Weapon: The Tenth Planet Cybermen have a chance of dropping Cyberman "Lamps".


Stats in comparison to other Cyber weapons:

  • It has the shortest Range
  • The wait time between shots is longer than the wait time between shots for the other CyberWeapons
  • It is the Most Deadly Cybergun Variant.


Ammunition: Undecided. Likely batteries or simply the durability of the weapon



  • At the moment idk. It wears down at a different rate than the Cybergun.


How it look when a player holds this weapon: The player holds the Cyberlamp two-handed, one hand on each handle and in front of himself or herself.






Cyberweapon 5: Cyber Wrist Blaster (Cyberman Gauntlet)


Cyberman arm blaster


Method of obtaining Weapon: They are dropped by Cybus/Lumic Cybermen. The chances of this are very low, however. 


Stats in comparison to other Cyber weapons: 

  • It can be fired at a much faster rate than the Cybergun.
  • It is weaker than the Cybergun.

Ammunition: Undecided. Likely batteries or simply the durability of the weapon


  • At the moment idk. It wears down at a different rate than the Cybergun.

How it look when a player holds this weapon: The Cyber Wrist Blaster renders over the player's arm like a gauntlet. When firing, the player points his or her arm at his or her target



Cyberweapon 6: Cybergun


Method of obtaining Weapon: They are dropped by 70s Cybermen


Ammunition: Cyberguns run on energy. When this energy runs out the Cybergun will require new batteries.


Enchantibility: None. At the moment I don;t think any of the Cyberweapons should be enchantible.


Stats in comparison to other Cyber weapons: Cyberguns are pretty Strong.


Durability: Undecided, but they do break eventually


Based on: The Cyberguns seen in Attack of the Cybermen



Cyberweaponammunition 7: Batteries


Type: Ammunition


Method of obtaining Ammunition: They are dropped by Cybermats or other Robotic Foes



Cyberweaponammunition 8: Golden Bullets


Type: Ammunition


Method of obtaining Ammunition: They are crafted from gold nuggets




Cyberweaponammunition 9: Gold Tipped Arrows

As Seen in: Silver Nemesis


Method of obtaining Weapon: Crafting


Pros: Gold tipped arrows are very effective on Mondasian Cybermen. They either will always cause critical hits on them or will have a damage bonus when damaging Mondasian Cybermen..


Cons: When attacking things that are not Mondasian Cybermen, Gold tipped arrows are not as effective as normal arrows.


Cyberweaponammunition 10: Golden Coins

As Seen in: Silver Nemesis


Method of obtaining Weapon: Crafting


Used with: Sling Shot


Pros: Golden Coins are very effective on Mondasian Cybermen. They either will always cause critical hits on them or will have a damage bonus when damaging Mondasian Cybermen..


Cons: When attacking things that are not Mondasian Cybermen, Gold tipped arrows are not as effective 


 (continued in next comment)


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 Cyberweapon 11: Particle Vacuum Cleaner


Name: Particulate Vacuum Cleaner


Suggested by: Full credit goes to pl13248


Description:The Doctor has this somewhere in his TARDIS. Thankfully, it was on hand to foil the Cybermen's Temporal Agenda via their Cyber-Particles, so, by association, it can go into this thread. Also, it's the only item that I know that can eliminate Cyber-Particles. "We should put it on E-Bay. See what it gets."

As heard in:The Fate of Krelos; Return to Telos

Suggestion for Implementation: When a Cyber-Mob has been killed, there's a rare chance that a "Data Log (Signed Book)" will drop, having entries in it that a Cyberman would do in its daily routine ("Systems ...Online...."; "Conversion of 32 Compatibles"; etc.) but it would go from most recent to most earliest, so that the first statement in the "Data Log" would be "TERMINATION" followed by "Dispersion of Infectious Cyber-Particles halted by Device known as: 'Particulate Vacuum Cleaner.'"Giving reason for the player to have one, so that they can avoid conversion by Cyber-Particles.

How does the player obtain it: The player obtains it either by crafting it or by finding it in a chest.

(Note: The Particulate Vacuum itself is made of two parts: The Motor and The Bag which holds the Cyber-Particles).

Why it Should be Implemented: It allows more ways to defeat the Cybermen than just killing them with swords and bows.

How it Should Look: It should just look like a portable Vacuum Cleaner...sounds strange but that's basically it.

Any Other Information: Unlike most weapons, the durability on the Particulate Vacuum Cleaner works in reverse. When the bar is completely filled, it must be "cleaned" by putting the Vacuum Cleaner in a Crafting Table for it can be dismantled into the Motor and Bag. The Bag can be cleaned by crafting it with Gold Nuggets in a Crafting Table. Then you put the Bag and Motor back into the Crafting Table to complete the Vacuum Cleaner. Additionally, It eliminates Cyber-Particles by Right-Clicking.






Cyberbiome 1: Dark Side of the moon

  • This has been moved to its own thread (link)




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Cyberboss 1: Cyberplanner

(The Mr. Clever Variant will be a common mob. They will be able to be cured with hand Pulses and turned into Villagers. See "Clever Villagers" under "Mobs" for more info.)



How is the Cyberplanner Spawned: The Cyberplanner will Spawn in Cyberconversion Centers.  

The Battle: 

  • The Cyberplanner will spawn many Cybermen to Defend itself.
  • The Cyberplanner will fire lasers at the player
  • Though the Cyberplanner is stationary it will have one form of defense: A cybershield
    • The Cybershield is a forcefield comprised entirely of blocks.
    • To get to the Cyberplanner the player must mine through this shield. It is not that simple however.
    • A shield block must be mined 3 times to become an air block. A shield block is always transparent but will be slightly tinted so a player knows what level of damage the shield is at in a certain block.
    • The blocks making up the shield will change around every 10 seconds (The number is WIP). Don't waste your time.
  • After the Cyberplanner takes a certain amount of damage, the player will be pushed away or teleported back outside the shield. The shield will then repair itself and the battle will resume

Effects after death as well as drops: Nearby Cybermen will become weak after the Cyberplanner is defeated. Drops will be detailed soon. 

Details are coming soon



Cyberboss 2: Cybus/Lumic/Parallel Earth Cyberking


Originally suggested by: Kramlat

Minions Spawned: Cybus Cybermen and Cybershades

Attacks: Crushing things by walking on them or using his laser canon

How to beat him: Keep hitting him at his weak points. Eventually however, during the last phase, you will be sucked into the Cyberking.

Overall Stats: Very, very high, but something still beatable late or end-game

Cyberking Dimension: Each Cyberking creates a dungeon in the Cyberking dimension. If you can get to the Cyberking controller and kill him or her you will be teleported back outside and the Cyberking death will commence. Inside this dimension are many angry Cybermen looking to kill you. The layout is always a multilevel maze of machinery.

How is the Cyberking Spawned: Details will come soon

Special Traits: Any villagers or dogs he steps on will be fully converted and teleported away from the foot

Cyberking Drops: 

  • LOADS of credits
  • Something awesome
  • A Cyberking head trophy block
  • Scrap metal and Lots of steel
  • Loads of experience points.
  • Whatever SWD wants to add to reward the player
  • Cybercore C-King (Will be described a bit later)

A few sources of inspiration for this idea: The going inside the robot part was largely inspired by the fight against the giant robot Raposa of Drawn to Life 2. In that game after causing enough damage you get sucked into the giant robot. You have to do this 3 times in that game, first destroying the left eye, the right eye, and then finally the heart to defeat the robot. I'm sure I may have gotten inspiration from a few other places as well.


Any other information:

  • Cyberking dungeons always remove themselves to save space after a Cyberking dies.



Cyberboss 3: Cybercontroller


First Body (Tomb of the Cybermen)


Second Body (Attack of the Cybermen)

Image result for

 Spawning: The Cybercontroller will spawn in Cybercontrol

 Attack Behavior: The Cybercontroller will replace the old Cyberleader Boss fight with the Cyberleader being reduced to a basic Cyberman Variant (The Cyberleader may still have a boss fight. My ideas regarding the Cyberleader and Cybercontroller are WIP. I'm trying to prevent duplicate boss fights and trying to keep each unique mobs/bosses)


  • Cybercore Controller (Will be described a bit later)
  • Credits
  • More stuff will be added a bit later

 More details are coming soon. I'm taking suggestions for details regarding the Cybercontroller.



 Cyberboss 4: Mondasian Cyberking (WIP)


Spawning: Currently Being decided

As Seen in: Lego Dimensions: A Dalektable adventure

Minions Spawned: Modern Mondan Cybermen (Maybe a few Cybermats too)

AttacksA couple of the Cyberking's Attacks will come from the Lego Dimensions Boss fight; however, this fight will not be the same.

  •  Laser Fire
    • The speed at which lasers fly will be a bit faster than in Lego Dimensions
    • This attack has 3 Variations
      • Charged
        • A bit of time is taken between shots
        • Shots fired are a bit larger and much more harmful
        • Usually he only does 1-3 blasts maximum before changing attack pattern
        • Sometimes 
      • Hyper
        • Exactly what you see in the video above.
        • The Cyberking fires a barrage of lasers, though I'm thinking he'd have a bit more accuracy.
        • The Lasers themselves don't do much Damage but are, again, coming in a much more rapid pace
        • The Cyberking isn't really that mobile while doing this attack. However, that begins to change as his health decreases
      • Moderate 
        • The Lasers are much
  • Shockwave Stomp
    • The Cyberking stomps the ground hard, knocking back nearby mobs, dealing slight damage, and also perhaps deflecting Projectiles
    • He may sometimes use this at the end of a Dash or if he's cornered. Still deciding atm.
  • Stomp
    • A bit different from the Shockwave Stomp. 
    • This attack is solely done to hurt
    • In this attack, the Cyberking actually Stomps right on the player
    • Usually, he will use this attack if the player is REALLY close under him

Attack Patterns:

  • Dash, Fire, Dash, Fire
  1. The Cyberking will use Superspeed, and fire a charged shot. 
  2. He will repeat this 2 more times
  3. He will then go in a short delay before picking another Tactic
  • Delay
  • Punt
    • This is an original attack, and not from Lego Dimensions
    • In this attack, the Cyberking will charge at the player and kick him or her very hard (not so hard to where it's an OP attack though), dealing a significant amount of knockback and damage)
    • The player will have some chance to avoid this.
      • The Cyberking can't really alter his path too well mid-dash
      • Right before initiating this charge attack, a couple of blue particles will be in the blocks occupying his "kicking leg"
      • If the player is close, he will first Dash back, then Dash forward



  • After the Fight, the Cyberking will only drop some of its Loot. The rest will be in the Head (like in Lego Dimensions)
  • The player will have to chase this head down and destroy it to get the best of the loot
    • Consequencces of not destroying the head?
      • TBA, but I'm thinking it might be able to despawn under certain conditions

How Health Effects the Battle:

  • The More, and more damaged the Mondasian Cyberking becomes, the more of a fight he puts up.
    • The stages of this fight, I'll get back to later.
    • When at lowest health, the Cyberking will be dashing around like crazy and will be a bit harder to hit, though not impossible. (This was inspired by the Eye of Cthulu Expert Mode Boss Fight of Terraria, as well as a few other things)
 Any other InformationThough the Mondasian Cyberking is inspired by something from the Lego World, I'm thinking it might be better to style him based on Canon Cybermen. The team wouldn't have to worry about having to make the area he's fought in look lego-like or have to worry about making new Lego Cybermen as Minions
  • Although, at the same time, he could also perhaps be made Lego-Like and have a drop that is an ingredient to the Lego Dimensions Tardis

 I'll add some more details a bit later. Any ideas?


(Post cut. See next comment)


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Cyberboss 5: Clever Player (WIP- Suggested By Bellator HD)

As Seen in: Inspired by Mr. Clever of Nightmare in Silver


  • The "Clever Player" will look just like the player, but will, however, have some pixels in the face layer replaced by the "Cyber Mask" as seen on Mr. Clever


  • Overall, WIP.
  • There will be a special Cyberman Mob which will do this special Cybermite Attack
    • This Cybermite attack is much different from any others later or previously mentioned
  • The Cybermite Attack will teleport the player into another dimension, much like the Cybus Cyberking Boss FIght
  • In this new DImension, a "Clever Player" Will Spawn

Minions Spawned: Cybermats (I believe someone may have suggested this. Not sure who, but if someone did, please let me know. I will look around the forums.)

  • He/she keeps 4-5 out at a time during Minion summoning phase.


  • His/Her Weapons will either be based on what's in the player's Inventory, or will be something predetermined



  • Still being Determined. I'm taking suggestions.
  • Many of his/her attacks will be based on player attacks (ie: Swords, bows, etc) and will perhaps have a few "Upgrades" to his/her moves.

 Attack Behavior:

  • The Cyber Player will fight a bit like a fencer. Aggressive at points, evasive at others.

After the Battle: 

  • Once the Cyberplayer dies, the loot is dropped in the normal Dimension, and the player is warped back
  • The place the Cyberplayer was fought at gets removed to save space
  • The Cyberman which threw the Cybermites will not throw them again and will actually be a pretty easy kill. 
    • This cyberman will likely have its own drop


When fighting the Clever player in multiplayer, there are some things to know,

  • When the Boss fight is triggered, all nearby players will also be warped to the boss fight dimension
    • It's a bit like a shared dream, allowing the players to stay together for the boss fight
  • The Clever Player's Stats will increase, proportional to the number of players fighting him/her
  • The Clever Player will spawn Cybermen when there are more than one player, rather than just Cybermites.
  • The Clever Player will have a few new attacks and behaviors when fighting new players (ie: teleportation (which can make sense since the battle is in the head))
  • Rejoining the Fight (Largely Inspired by BellatorHD's ideas)
    • As long as at least one player is still alive and fighting the Clever Player
    • There will be a special Entity. This entity will resemble the Clever player for the player who had Cybermites thrown on him/her
      • This Clever Player will run back and forth in place, or from side to side in the spot the players were teleported from (unless there is a drop nearby
      • Every now and then, the Clever Player may let off a poorly aimed (or completely off) attack, but is mostly, overall, not that harmless
      • Right-Clicking on this Special Entity will teleport a player to the boss area in which the others are fighting the actual boss in the mind.



Any other Information:

  • There's a lot left to be said about the Clever Player to make him/her a full suggestion. If anyone has any ideas, just let me know.



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Cybermob 1: Cybershades


What is a Cybershade?: A  variant of the Cybus Cyberman. They are made in the same way a human Cybus Cyberman is, by putting a brain in a robotic shell. Cybershades however are made from the minds of Dogs and Cats, use a completely different shell, and behave much differently than the usual Cybermen


Spawning: Anywhere Cybermen Can Spawn

Alignment: Hostile and is part of the Cybus Cybermen Forces (Though not exactly a "man" itself).


  • Moving super fast
  • leaping across gaps in the ground
    • Idk a maximum yet. Say 5-6 Blocks? Maybe 10?
  • Jumping really high
    • 3-6 blocks?
  • Climbing walls, just like in the Show.

Attack Style: Their combat is entirely melee. No blasters or anything like that.


  • They can covert tamed dogs and wild wolves into Cyberdogs and Cyberwolves respectively. They can also convert Ocelots into a Dalek Mod original Mob- The Cybercat

 Cybermob 2: "Clever Villager"



Spawning: Clever Villagers have a low chance of spawning Naturally. A very low chance

Behavior: Clever Villagers are support mobs.

  • They boost the stats of Cybermen nearby and attract Cybermen for protection if there are no Cybermen nearby.
  • They run from the player at the speed of Villagers.

Curing a Clever Villager: Like what the 11 Doctor in Nightmare in SIlver Clever Villagers can be cured by using the Hand Pulse Item.


  • Rare drop- Handpulse. Maybe a few other things.
  • Rare drop- Throwable Cybermites 



 Cybermob 3: Cyberdog



(I made the model)


-Tardis wiki

  • Spawning: They  are often spawned upon the death of your Tamed dogs. Just to stab at your feels, they keep the same nametag and collar  after death and still display a rather sad death message to the owner upon death
  • Alignment: Hostile and Cybus Cybermen Forces (Who knows, maybe Cybermen from other places have them too).
  • Abilities: They aren't as great as Cybershades in terms of combat (The conversion is partial. A full one would require a conversion unit).  Their combat is entirely melee. No blasters or anything like that.
  • Traits: They will attack the player as well as any "livestock" mob in sight. There's a small chance they'll go after skeletons. Not too often though do to programming.
  • Any other information: These are NOT Cyberwolves. Cyber Converted wolves will have their own models, more aggressive behavior (no sentiments to the player of course, unlike a tamed one), and will obviously not have the Nametag/deathmessage traits 



(Continued in next reply)

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 Cybermob 4: Cybermats

Image result for cybermat

Jumping Cybermat


Please do not have Silverfish connected to the Cybermen in ANY kind of way, meaning for them to be Cybermats.

It's just lazy and wrong to do it that way. 

Cybermats are nothing like Silverfish. The only common traits they have are appearance and the tendency to attack the player.

Silverfish after all are not made of metal (At least I think), they do not Convert species into Cybermen, they are not made by nor affiliated with the Cyberman, and just aren't from Doctor Who.

Anyway, the Details.

Creature NameCybermat
Creature's Planet of OriginIt's a bit Unknown.
Description of Creatures PlanetI'll do a bit of research. I remember reading once what they are made from
Description of Creature 

Spawning: Random

Abilities: Converting species into Cybermobs, getting into small gaps, ruining redstone circuits
Image of Creature(sketch or rough draft also acceptable):
How do you suggest we implement it in game: Will add more information soon

Weaknesses: Gold (I need to double check this) and Sonic Screwdrivers/Powerful Sonic Devices

Any other Information:

 PLEASE make an original model based on one of the Models from the show if you add these guys in. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wouldn't want to see a re-textured Silverfish for this mob. And please don't just copy the SIlverfish behavior for them either. These are CYBERMATS and act like cybermats. Not Silverfish


Cybermob 5: Dark Dimension Cyberman


Most of the description is quoted directly from pl13248, so any "I" refers to him while "Arcphoenix" refers to myself. I rearranged a few things for organization purposes. You can find the original comment here.


Boss/Mob: Cyber-Commander aka Dark Dimension Cyberman


Suggested by: Arcphoenix originally. Credit goes to pl13248 >> for many of the details here

It should be taller than the average Cyberman (maybe four blocks?) and it should look like image ArcPheonix has posted or close enough to the point of recognizing it as a Cyber-Commander.



Origin: The Dark Dimension Cyberman comes from a Cyberman Design from the Unproduced 30th Anniversary Television Story The Dark Dimension (Yes, the same serial Dalek Storm is from in case you're curious)

 On any planet/dimension. Rarely.


Nature: Hostile



  • Has a greater amount of health than any other boss (if mob, it will have 50 health points).
  • Can also jump as high as a player.


Attack Style: It will run or sprint at the player, since it's more agile than other Cybermen, it can also walk, but only when it is very close to the player.



Special Traits:  Can shout "All life shall be converted!" or "All will be Cybermen!" when active. Additionally, when inactive, there will be Cybermen guarding it.


  • Steel (obviously) but in great quantities [greater than the normal drops].
  • Can also drop its Head as a reminder of how terrifying and dangerous the Cybermen can actually be.



  • Will use its claws or fists to attack the player  (Note: The claws will do more damage than its fists). 
  • Can spawn other cybermen (Classic, Tenth Planet, Cybus, etc.) [If mob, it will summon nearby Cyber-Mobs for assistance].
  • Is invulnerable to Lava and cannot be damaged/drowned in Water.
  • If it kills the player, it will convert the player's "corpse" into a Cyberman (a Cyberman will spawn with the player's name attached).
  • Can also break blocks weaker than Obsidian (if met with an Obsidian or Bedrock block, it will attempt to break it, and will eventually get there[Note: It will break the weaker blocks at the speed of a Diamond {or Brass, depending on how good it is |I don't know|} Pickaxe). This prevents the player from Nerdpoling away from danger or blocking the Cyber-Commander's path.

Notable Weaknesses:

  • If player can avoid the Cyber-Commander for a period of 30 seconds or longer, it will stop and "recharge," rendering it inactive for five seconds or longer (not to breach seven seconds) allowing the player to attack it mercilessly (other methods are not excluded[such as just attacking it outright]).
  • Blocks with the strength of obsidian or stronger can be mined, but it will take a bit more time than other blocks
  • Any weapons mentioned by ArcPheonix will damage it more than conventional weapons (i.e. diamond swords, bows).


Suggestion for implementation: The structures mentioned by ArcPheonix can spawn a Cyber-Commander if left unchecked or it can spawn as mentioned.


Why it should be implemented: It would add more danger and risk of death/defeat to the current version of the Dalek Mod, seeing as all that is needed to kill Cybermen is a structure (Nerdpole)  that allows the player to attack them from above or a wall that blocks the Cyberman from getting to the player.


Any other information: 

  • Once it defeats the player, there is an extremely rare chance that it will enact (what I call) "The Endgame Protocol," which makes all nearby Cybermen/Cyber-Mobs attack each other, since, by logic, they think that there aren't any other beings to convert, so termination is made primary procedure.



 Cybermob 6: Cyberman Android

Cyberman android

Creature NameCyberman Android

Description of Creature To get to their masters, you must first get through them.

(Details coming soon)


Cybermob 7: The Fallen

There's currently no image for The Fallen

Creature NameThe fallen (Name is Wip)
OriginThey look like Cybervillagers... But a bit different somehow... A familiarity that's almost a bit terrifying.... But you can't quite place your finger on it.
Description of Creature 
(Details are currently being thought up)

Spawning: They don't spawn until the day count has reached a certain number (This shouldn't be too hard right?). On that first day, they have have a much higher rate of spawning than usual.


They Only Spawn after the Local Difficulty has reached a Certain height.

Did you know Slime Spawning is affected effected by the moon? Likewise, these guys have a higher chance of spawning on a certain moon.


Appearance: They mostly look like random generic and overused player skins. Some are Alexes and Steves.

They are Partially converted Cybermen, but you will definitely be able to see part of their faces, a bit of their hair, and maybe a few other features.

While many use blasters/melee and other Cyberman forms of attack, it isn't unknown for some to walk around carrying modified bows or swords.


Image of Mob: I usually try to only include official images, but since I can't find a good Toberman image, I'll just use the one below


Purpose of this Mob: To be freaking creepy for one. They also convey a sort of.... Feeling... And add a bit of terror.... These were just like you once, but they are cybermen now. They lost their souls and individuality too. 


How do you suggest we implement it in game: Will add more information soon
Any other Information: 

They have nametags at times. Sometimes the'ye readable sometimes they aren't. If they are they usually fall into these categories.


Category 1

Cybermen Parodies of common minecraft names:


Cyberhero (Hero)

xXThe_Deleter_Xx (Anyone who has Destroyer in their name)

Cyberdude_Playz_Mc (anyone with "PlaysMc" in their name).

daCyberman (da man)

Cool Cyberman 5



CybermatLover ( Lover)



Category 2

In contrast to the humorous names I mentioned before the names in category 2 tend to be really gloomy and downcasting. Reading them you can see sorrow, loss of identity, humanity, individuality, and else.


Greyness and frowns (Rainbows and Smiles)

One of Many

The Fallen

The Once Great One (The Great One)

He who once ruled

He who used to read a lot

You Only Live Once..... (In the context of this, this name is just creepy a heck)

 The Ex-Gamer

Generic Trooper

The Nameless


Category 3

 Category 3 names are more like "designations" rather than names.


Partially Converted Scout

Cyber Soldier



Another note: Feel free to make them as "Cyber" as you want to, but remember that the "conversions" didn't need to be a 75% or more "mostly metal now" conversion. Remember the Ear Pods (Army of Ghosts I believe?), remember Toberman in Tomb of the Cybermen (he only had his arm replaced and he was still affected).  Of course though, there should definitely be  mostly converted ones too (Like Lytton)




Cybermob 8: Partially Converted Cybermen Slaves

Alignment: Friendly

Details: Coming soon


Cyber Variants and Abilities

  • 1. The Moon Base Cybermen

  • Special trait 1 - "Neurotrope X"/"Plague" These Cybermen have a chance to cause a poison effect on their target. This is based on their use of a virus during TV Serial The Moon Base
  • Special trait 2- "Nothing to help you" (Name is WIP) They are notable for being one of the only Cybermen not to have a chance of dropping a weapon


  • 2 .Changes to the "Modern Mondan Cyberman"

  • Special Trait- "Cybermites". Their chances of Converting their victims are far higher than the chances of any other variant converting species. It may also have a chance of causing the player nausea when it attacks (idk),
  • Special Trait 2- "SuperCyberSpeed". These Cybermen move a lot faster than other Cybermen as seen in Nightmare in Silver/
  • Aesthetic Detail- Their heads can do a 180 Degree rotations to look at players behind themselves just like in the show (Creepy right?)



  • 3. Return of the "Wooden Cybermen"

  • Special Trait- Uses a Flamethrower Weapon (How on Parallel Earth or Mondas does a Wooden Cybermen Spew Fire without burning up you may ask? Idk. Ask Steven Moffat.)
  • To make coding this attack a lot easier, 50ap5ud5 suggests , "I think it might be easier for the coder to implement it using the entity summoning system used by the vanilla Blaze mob. (which summons fire)"
  • Spawning- (Being determined)
  • Drops: Wood, Flamethrower (?), Wood Planks
  • Quotes: "Incinerate!" (Suggested by BattleBen12)


  • 4. Changes to the Cybus "Lumic" Cybermen


  • Special Trait 1- "I come from Parallel Earth." They lack a weakness to gold. (may  make this a different trait soon)
  • Special trait 2- "Emotional Inhibitor Chip." These Cybermen are immune to the Cerebration Mentor
  • Drops: Cyber Wrist Blaster 


  • 4. Changes to the The Five Doctors Cybermen

  • Special Trait 1- They will always carry around Cyberguns and may drop them on death
  • Special trait 2- Upon attacking a foe, rather than doing a full conversion, they have a chance of putting on the metallic headphones on a target first seen in Silver Nemesis. The wearer will attack the player and any non Cybermen, but a few hits may knock off the headset and turn it's wearer back to normal

(More Details will be covered and added soon)




As seen in: Spare Parts

Planet of Origin: Minecraftia and Spare Parts Mondas

Spawning: Cyberhorses spawn naturally with the Spare Part Cyberman Jockey mob. They also have a low chance of being created when a player throws Cybermites on a horse.


  • Mondasian Cyberhorses do nothing other than go where their rider tells them to go.
  • Player Created Cyberhorses are wild. They will try to kill the player. BUT if the player manages to tame the horse, they may keep it. This requires attempting to ride it like a normal Minecraft horse, but you must have your Sonic Screwdriver in hand. They may turn against you if they meet Cyberman, but there will be a way to reverse this changing sides.

Statistics: Cyberhorses run faster, jump higher, and jump further.

The downsides: Cyberhorses do not breed, they regenerate health at a MUCH slower rate, and Cyberhorses, though they may have quite a bit of health, just don't compare heartwise to breeds of horses that have the highest amounts of health


 Spare Parts Cyberman


Spawning: Spare Parts Cybermen spawn in Cities on Spare Parts Mondas


  • Spare Parts Cyberman are notable for being the only Cyberman that isn't normally hostile. Instead, they are a neutral mob that only attacks when angered
  • Anger triggers
    • Sometimes Spare Parts Cybermen will approach a player and ask him or her to halt.
      • During this period the CYberman will stare at the player for a few moments.
      • Eventually  the Cyberman will lose interest and look away, letting you know the "inspection" has ended
      • If the player moves during this "inspection" the Cyberman will attack the player
    • Attacking the Cyberman or his horse (if he has a horse)
    • Causing excessive Damage to the City
    • Not following order (I'll detail this a bit more soon)

Attacks: At mid range Cybermen will use their whips. At short range they will Melee. If on a horse at short range, the Horse may melee.

Cyberhorse Jockeys: Unlike Spider and Chicken Jockeys, you actually have a relatively 1/10 chance of encountering a Jockey rather than an on foot Cyberman. They aren't TOO common, but they are definitely far from rare and maybe somewhere around uncommon. Not sure if it's closer to common or rare though in that matter.


 (Continued in next comment)

They added the wooden cyberman in the swd advent calendar a few yrs before

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As Seen in: Tbh, Idk if this is canon or not. I just thought this up, but I will look around to see if there is something like it


  • Cyberhunters are a Cyberman Designation. Kind of like Cyberscout, Cyberleader, Cyberplanner, etc.
  • Cyberhunter Squads may have 3 types of Cybermen
    • Cyberdog
    • Cyberhandler  (I also thought Cyberwolf Handler, but it doesn't really fit in with the other names....)
    • Cyberhandler Leader


  • Cyberhunter Spawning is Always done as a group, rather than by individual (though the Cyberwolf and Cyberhandler may spawn randomly on their own in other places)
  • The size can vary
    • 1 Cyberman hunting group
      • 1 Cyberhandler & 1-2 Cyberdogs
    • Slightly larger hunting group
      • 2 Cybermen & 3 Woves
    • Bigger hunting group
      • 3 Cybermen & 5 Wolves
  • Chunk Based Spawning
    • If this happens to you, you have really bad luck
    • In the same way there are "slime chunks" near bedrock which are randomly chosen in Vanilla, there's a small chance the player may walk into a "Cyberhunter" area (often in forest, spiked ice (I forget what that biome is called tbh), and taiga biomes).
    • Upon walking in, 4-5 Cyberhunter packs will spawn within about a 4x4 chunk area
  • Cyberhandler Leader
    • The Cyberhanlder Leader often spawns in the middle of the previously mentioned 4x4 chunk area.
    • The Cyberhandler's Cyberdogs will be a bit tougher than normal Cyberdogs (a few more details will come soon)


  • Cyberhunter squads usually try to stay together, and they will avoid firing at eachother. If another Cyberman is between the Hunter and the Player, the Hunter will try to move to the side before firing.
  • The Units within one group will (mostly) walk about a chunk following the same path 
    • If the Units were spawned due to Chunk spawning, they will usually try to stay within that area (unless the Cyberleader starts moving. If spawned through chunk based spawning, the Cybermen will try to keep up with him, regardless whether they shouldn't be able to see him (due to distance) or should) 
  • If a Cyberdog Senses a player or villager (they can smell through blocks) the Hunter pack will begin moving.
    • The Cyberdog has a much higher player sensing distance than usual. 


More details will be coming soon




(Not to be confused with the previously mentioned Silver Nemesis variant. This is a completely different kind of headset.)


Credit: Full credit goes to pl13248


As heard in: The Fate of Krelos


Reference Image: 


Ignore the thing in the top-left corner, that's just K-9 photobombing.


Details: There are two forms of the Cyber-Headset: 1) The "Unconverted" Form in the reference image or 2) The "Converted" Form, when it has Cyber-Converted a Villager of its own accord or has been spawned by a Cyberman upon Cyber-Conversion of a Villager. 


Description: The "Unconverted" Form will look like the reference image while the "Converted" Form will have its tentacle around the Villager's head and its (the Cyber-Headset's) head will be resting on the Villager's head. Upon conversion of the Villager, more tentacles will spawn and move in an upwardly direction and, when undisturbed, move like a Squid. When attacking, all the tentacles will be pointing to the entity it's attacking (except for the one that's holding onto the Villager).


Spawning: Wherever a Cyberman can spawn, an "Unconverted" Cyber-Headset can spawn; it will have the same spawn rate as a Cyberman.  Otherwise, the "Converted" Cyber-Headset will spawn when a Cyberman converts a Villager or when an "Unconverted" Cyber-Headset converts a Villager.


Nature: Hostile


Attack Style: Melee


Special Traits: It exists as a separate entity to the Villager. It will control the Villager's body upon Cyber-Conversion.


Drops: Once again, steel, but, rarely, it can also drop itself (the Cyber-Headset); the same thing will happen if it's killed before the Villager itself. It will be broken, but, if repaired in an anvil with four blocks of steel, can be turned into a Anti-Cyber-Headset, which can cure all Converted Villagers in a 10x10 area once before breaking completely.


Stats: It will have the same amount of health as a Cyber-Villager when on a Villager's head when in its "Converted" Form; in its "Unconverted" Form it will have the speed and health of a Silverfish. When on top of a Villager's head as a "Converted" Cyber-Headset, it will control the Villager's body to have the speed of a running Villager.


Attacks/Abilities: Will use its tentacle(s) to attack the player or Villager for Cyber-Conversion in "Converted" Form; in its "Unconverted" Form, it will attack like a Silverfish.

Upon killing the player, a Mob will spawn with the player's skin with the Cyber-Headset, since the player's corpse has been Cyber-Converted.


Notable Weaknesses: Interference with the Sonic Screwdriver (right-clicking on the Cyber-Headset) will frenzy it for 10 seconds, making it attack any other Cyber-Mob, but it can also mercilessly attack the player. Additionally, after the first attempt, the time needed to interfere with the Sonic Screwdriver will increase, then, after the second time, it will increase again, then it will increase again, etc., etc.


Suggestion for Implementation: The structures that ArcPheonix has mentioned can spawn an "Unconverted" Cyber-Headset or when a Cyberman has converted a Villager, the "Converted" Form of the Cyber-Headset will spawn on top of its head, controlling it until its death.


Why it should be Implemented: It would add more variety to the effects of Cyber-Conversion, since there's only one result of  a Villager's Cyber-Conversion and that is a Cyber-Villager...which is basically just a Cybus Cyberman's head on top of a Villager's body.


Any other information: The Cyber-Headset should not replace the Cyber-Villager result from Cyber-Conversion. There should be a 50/50 chance of the Villager either being a Cyber-Villager or having a "Converted" Cyber-Headset when a Cyberman converts the Villager. When an "Unconverted" Cyber-Headset converts a Villager, there is only the chance of a "Converted" Cyber-Headset controlling the Villager as the end result (the "Unconverted" Cyber-Headset will despawn, because it is now a "Converted" Cyber-Headset).




Credit: Full credit goes to pl13248

Description: These particles can infect anything that's remotely technological. and they're nearly impossible to see. The only way to be sure they are eliminated is by cleaning the area with a Particulate Vacuum Cleaner. Otherwise, the mentioned effect shall occur and Cybermen will come to integrate it into their systems by taking it while converting any nearby compatibles in the process.

As heard in: 
Return to Telos

Attack Style:
 Wither/Poison Effects (Compatible Mobs). Conversion Abilities (Turning an item or block into a piece of Cyber-Technology).

In the Cyber-Structures ArcPheonix has mentioned; Rare; from Cybermen.


: The stats of a Silverfish.

Able to convert anything remotely technological into Cyber-Technology (Bows become Cyber-Guns; Solar Cells become Batteries; Arrows become Vastial Cartridges [The Cybermen's form of Ammunition {I suggest just using gray rectangles with green specks at the top for their texture}]).

When the Compatibles have all been converted, they will take all the Cyber-Technology that is nearby into their inventories for integration into the Cyber-Systems.

They are able to convert any Compatibles into their Cyber-Counterparts.

If the player is killed by them, a Mob will spawn with the player's skin, but grayed out, and will continue to become grayer and grayer, and will start exhibiting Cyber-Parts until it is a complete Cyberman.

Invulnerable to every weapon except the Particulate Vacuum Cleaner.

Once all the nearby Compatibles are Converted, all Cyber-Mobs will move as one group to the nearest group of Cybermen, then, when they reach that group, they will then move as a group to the next nearest group of Cybermen and so on and so on. While this occurs, the Cyber-Particles will work to make (spawn) more Cyber-Particles to infect and convert other clusters of Compatibles, then, when that's been done, they will follow the same process that has been described.

This includes TARDIS' for Cyber-Conversion by Cyber-Particles.Once a TARDIS has been converted, the Cybermen would then create the Cyber Time-Squad...or was it already here?

These Cyber-Particles can work on Daleks, Autons, Clockwork Droids, K-9, sadly (before the hatred starts, it happened in the story the Cyber-Particles came from so don't blame me), and even the Empty Child and the Empty People, since they're being converted by a technological advancement (the Nanogenes).

Any Mob that has been suggested by ArcPheonix can be converted by Cyber-Particles into their Cyber-Counterparts.

Even other Mobs that the Cybermen have no use for (yet...) can be converted, they'll just look like they're a part of the Cyber-Race (in other words, they'll look like they're made out of steel), but are in fact "Neutral" until attacked.

Notable Weaknesses: 
The Particulate Vacuum Cleaner.

If a TARDIS has been infected by Cyber-Particles then the only way to cure it would be to travel in that TARDIS  to and from dimensions/planets/eras. Only then will your TARDIS be free of the Cybermen. Unfortunately for you, the longer your TARDIS is under the control of the Cybermen, the more trips are needed to cure it and also unfortunately, the technology they learnt is still in their databanks...

There will be a Timer in place to measure how much time has passed since your TARDIS has been underneath the control of the Cybermen. If it was 0-20 minutes, it will need five trips to be cured. If it was 21-40 minutes, it will need 10 trips. If it was 41-60 minutes, it will need 15 trips and if it was 61-80 minutes, it would need 20 trips to be cured. This rate of change will go up to 1 Week, after that, your TARDIS is irretrievable from the Cybermen.

(Note: The Exterior will become more Cyber-like as time passes and once the TARDIS is cured it will become normal again).

[Additional Note: The Interior will not show signs of conversion {i.e. gray blocks; steel blocks} so that the owner can use the "/tardis-interior-pos X Y Z" command to save their Interior, but the Exterior cannot be saved. Unfortunately, the Cybermen can enter that TARDIS from the old Exterior and try to convert the interior until the owner stops them. The mentioned process for curing the TARDIS will work {The Interior will still not show signs of conversion, instead, the monitor display will look more Cyber-Like as time passes until the TARDIS is cured and there will be Cybermen in that TARDIS}].

Suggestion for Implementation: 
The Cyber-Structures mentioned by ArcPheonix can spawn them, as well as Cybermen who detect Compatibles but cannot convert them because they only have the capacity to convert Humanoids so they spawn the Cyber-Particles to convert them.

Why It Should be Implemented: 
It adds more variability to the Cyber-Conversion process and gives a bigger threat of the Cybermen taking over everything in Minecraftia.

Any Other Information: 
They should be very, very, very....(an eternity later)...very hard to spot and if you do spot them, they will spot you...
They can only be defeated by the Particulate Vacuum Cleaner, so whenever you encounter a Cyberman that's walking away from a nearby Compatible...be very, very careful...

They should be a single pixel in length, width, height, and depth and they move in groups.



Cyber-Time Squad

Credit: Full credit goes to pl13248


Description: The Cybermen have finally cracked Time Travel. Now they can eradicate any threat to the Cyber-Race at any given point in Time. Fortunately, they're kept in check to not damage the Timeline too much, but that won't stop them from tracking down their biggest threats and killing them...and, unfortunately, that's you...
What's more: they're every (currently in the DM) Cyberman augmented by their future and past counterparts...All the more to kill you with...


As heard in: Return to Telos


Attack Style: Melee; Ranged; Spawning.


Spawning: Any planet/dimension; Rarely.


Nature: Hostile.


Special Traits: Can spawn other Cyber-Mobs to help the cause of tracking down the assigned player (Cyber-Particles; "Unconverted" Cyber-Headsets; Cybermats; etc.).

Once the player has been killed, the spawned Cyber-Mobs will continue with their normal agendas.


Drops: All suggestions ArcPheonix has made; Steel.


Stats: Twice the stats of their normal Cyber-Counterparts.


Attacks/Abilities: Can use their Cyber Time-Ships to fly over the targeted player and drop Time-Squad Cybermen on top of the player.

Can use all weapons from every era of Cyber-History (i.e. Cyber-Guns, Throwable Cybermites, Cyberman "Lamps", Cyber-Wrist Blaster, etc.).

Can send Cyber-Hunters if they've materialised more than 1,000 blocks away from the player.

They can also leave their Time-Ships on "Tracking" to follow the player wherever they go in their TARDIS once they've found them to any dimension/planet/era.

If the player gets into their TARDIS and uses the flight panel, the Cyber Time-Ship will also take off and follow that TARDIS, shooting at it as it goes.


Notable Weaknesses: All weapons suggested by ArcPheonix will do more damage than conventional ones (Bows; Swords; etc.).


Suggestion for Implementation: They can spawn in the Cyber-Structures mentioned by ArcPheonix and will locate the nearest Cyber Time-Ship.

(Note: The Cyber Time-Ship is its own suggestion which will have its own details).


Why it Should be Implemented: It gives more threat to the Cybermen, since they can be easily defeated in the current version of the Dalek Mod.


Any other Information: Once there are 10 of them at that Time-Ship they will be assigned a player to kill and will "enter" the Cyber Time-Ship, which will locate the targeted player, but will only get within five blocks of their location. 

There will also be a chance that they misjudge the co-ordinates and materialise somewhere that's 1,000 blocks away from the player, where they will then send Cyber-Hunters to kill that player.

They should look like their normal Cyber-Counterparts but with parts of other Cyberman models in them (Ex: "Classic" Cyberman has pieces of "Cybus", "Tenth Planet", and "Moonbase"/"Tomb" Cybermen on it).



Cyber-Time Ship 


Credit: Full credit goes to pl13248


Description: The Cybermen cracked Time Travel. These...are their Time Travel Capsules.


As heard in: Return to Telos


Suggestion for Implementation: It is basically a TARDIS without having the option to chose its destination.

This goes for the option of the "Flight Panel", "Flight", and Monitor to see the fixed destination. 

It can also be set to "Tracking" or "Autopilot" so that it has its own thinking to track players or to materialise somewhere.

They spawn in the Cyber-Structures that ArcPheonix has mentioned.


How does the player obtain it: Cyber Time-Ships are controlled by the Cyber Time-Squad and are locked until the player finds the Code to unlock it.

When the Sonic Screwdriver is hovering over the Cyber Time-Ship, it will be scanning it, once the scan is complete, the Code for entry shall be discovered.

There are four levels to encryption for the Cyber Time-Ship's lock: "Easy", which will take five seconds to scan completely; "Medium", which will take ten seconds; "Hard", which will take 20 seconds; and "Deadlocked", which won't be able to be opened.

The only way to destroy a Deadlocked Cyber Time-Ship is to Reverse the Polarity. After the Sonic Screwdriver has completed its scan of the Deadlocked Time-Ship, which will take the amount of time it takes to scan a normal entity, an option will appear that will say: "Reverse the Polarity." This option will send the Time-Ship to its point of origin (Spawn-Point) where it will self-destruct (despawn) along with the Cyber Time-Squad Mobs it brought along.

(Note: You click on the "Reverse the Polarity" option for it to be activated/used).


Why should this be implemented: It gives more time machines to use (for a time) and it makes the player realize that the Cybermen are more dangerous than they think...


Any other Information: There's no image for a Cyber Time-Ship, but I have an idea for it.

It will be a gray box with the Cyber Logo on all sides and one side will have the door to enter it.

It will be three blocks wide, three blocks long, and three blocks tall.

The Cyber-Logo :





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  • 1. Cerebration Mentor
  • Appearances: The Invasion.
  • Description: The Cerebration Mentor was a device capable of Generating Emotional Impulses.
  • Creator: Professor Watkins, who made it as a teaching aid, but was later forced to perfect it by Tobias Vaugn Who wished to use it for his own purposes
  • Ablities: It could put emotions into Cybermen such as fear, which would often make a Cyberman go mad.
  • In the mod: I think the block would be a cool (but definitely not cheap to make) Cyberman Repellant. It can not be moved easily (Breaking it only returns the player part of the ingredients. This is so Players can't just carry it around to repel Cybermen wherever they go. This block is meant to be a bit more of a stationary defense.
  • Notes: It will not work on all Cybermen. The Lumic/Cybus Cybermen for example have Emotional Inhibitor Chips stronger than the Cerebration Mentor. Also, even though the device repels Cybermen, it requires a fuel to work. Additionally, this leaves a door open for the possiblility of a mob attracted by human emotions for this mod.
  • 2. Distorter
  • Spawns Cybermen gameplaywise. In-Universe, it creates a sort of temporal and spacial distortion that allows Lumic/Cybus Cybermen to cross into the Overworld.
  • Will be found in certain structures.
  • More details to be added soon.




Show content

  • 1. Cybercontrol

Boss: Cybercontroller

Layout: Based on Cybercontrol as seen in Attack of the Cybermen

Location: Telos (Above ground)

(Details will come soon)

  • 2. Cybertombs

Appears: On any Planet. (Entrance and a few rooms are on the surface. The rest is underground)

As Seen in: Attack of the Cybermen and Tomb of the Cybermen

Layout: Part of it come from the Tomb of the Cyberman Cybertomb, other parts come from the one in Attack of the Cybermen

Size: Large.

A special Smaller Variant of this tomb: Has a weapons testing room and a pryamid on the surface. It also has the "sundial" hatch. It however does not hold many cybermen and is based largely on the Tomb of the Cybermen Tomb

(Details will come soon) 

  • 3. Cyber-Conversion Centers (Mondasian and Cybus)

As seen in: TBA

Appears: Overworld (On the Surface)

Boss: Cyberplanner

Lore: This is where Cybermen are made

Mobs: Villagers (You should save them), Fallen, Cybershades, Cybermen

Size: Large

Description: Cyber Conversion Centers will be very large structures with special properties.

  • If a Conversion Center does spawn, it will typically be not too long a walk from a village.Because of this, there will be a chance every now and then of a Cyberseige occuring. just like the Zombie Seiges from Vanilla.
  • Rather than becoming Cyberdogs, any Dog converted within a certain range of a conversion center will go straight into becoming a Cybershade.
  • Villagers attacked by the Cybermen have a high chance of being teleported to the center. There they will be on a sort of conveyor belt waiting for conversion. 
  • If the player can find this conveyor belt, he or she may save the villagers
  • This place will have loot
  • There are Mondasian Conversion Centers and Cybus conversion Centers. You will NEVER find a Mondasian Cyberman in a Cybus Center, nor will you find a Cybus Cyberman in a Mondasian Conversion Center

(Details will come soon)

  • 4. Cyberman Outpost

Location: Overworld (Inside Mountains or Underground)

Size: Small, usually about 1-2 Rooms.

As seen inEarthshock.

Mobs: Cybermen Android, Cybermen.

Lore: (TBA)

(Details will come soon) 


  • 5. Cybership

The Small Crew Varient

  • Cyberships Can Be found randomly on any Planet.
  • Each ship has a crew of Cyberman.
  • The ships are usuallly small. The size of a medium large village house.
  • The ship will contain a loot chest. (Rewards being determined).
  • They are considered Dungeons.
  • Rooms: Cockpit (Front), Seating area (Middle), Cargo (back).
  • There may be chests in closets, on racks, or under the seats. (hm... chest chairs would be cool... I'm writing it down for later)

The Large "Real Dungeon" Variant-

  • There may be larger ones made in the style of a real dungeon, with many rooms, Cybermen to conquer, and etc that is very, very, very rare. I'll need to think of the details later,


  • They will spawn mainly (being decided upon) Cybermen or the (being decided) kinds
  • They Spawn Aboveground
  • Possibility: Spawns CyberLeader (not decided yet)



  • 6. Human Research Domes On the moon

Mobs: Human Researchers


  • Grain/sugar Room (I can't remember exactly which)
  • Control Room
  • Medic Area
  • More Will be added after I rewatch The Moon Base

Cybermen will try to invade here every now and then, like a villager raid.

More details coming soon 


  • Details on all of the above are coming soon



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Native Life: Cryons, partially converted slaves (Attack of the Cybermen), and Mondasian Cybermen. Lots of Mondasian Cybermen.

Randomly generating structures:

  • Cybercontrol
  • Cybertombs
  • Cyberships
  • Small Cryon Hide-Aways deep underground

Description of the Terrain:   Desert-Like

Details coming soon


I'm open to suggestions on how to improve things and critiques and opinions on my ideas. If you have any of those, feel free to comment below

People who have added onto my original Idea and anyone who I referred to in this suggestion:





Various people asking repeatedly for Handles or the Controller


(Thread continued in the next comment)

They added the wooden cyberman in the swd advent calendar a few yrs before

 Cool. Although, was it removed or something? I've never actually seen it in game

 Yeah that advent calendar was for DM 1.6.4 Update 24 I think and were removed. They used to run really fast and had an oak wood texture. They tend to stand under a oak tree to camouflage then ambush the player.


Current version of the Dalek mod for 1.6.4 is Update 25 I believe as they had started to introduce Dalek temporal shifting(which was awesome, I do hope it's coming back) ridiculouly high Dalek firing rates and Tardis command blocks.

To add onto your Wooden cyberman flamethrower suggestion, I think it might be easier for the coder to implement it using the entity summoning system used by the vanilla Blaze mob. (which summons fire)


To do list for myself:

1) Blood of the Cybermen Cyberslaves, 2) Attack of the Cybermen Cyberslaves, 3) Cyberwolves, 4) Cybercats, 5) CyberOcelots





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Spawning: Cryons spawn in Cryon Hideaways on Telos

Behavior: Peaceful

Weakness: Cryons can't survive in temperatures above freezing and will typically die if the temperature dos not meet this standard

Details: More shall come soon






Show content


Cyberman Armor (At the moment, only Lumic/Cybus. I may consider others too at some point)


Crafting: Steel Armor crafted with a few other things. Perhaps drops from the Mob Bosses mentioned above



  • Double Jump
  • Unlimited Amo for equipped Cyberweapon (durability of the item will decrease much more slowly than usual or will take durability from some part of your armor (I haven't decided what yet))
  • Feather falling (idk how strong it will be just yet, but there is a cap on how far you can fall)

WIP ideas:

  • There will be a couple of variants of the Armor (Suggested by NexusVanguard)
    • Boss Based ones
      • Mondasian Cyberking
        • The player will be able to do dash attacks, with cooldown
        • The player will perhaps be able to "punt" (deciding whether this is REALLY a good idea or not)
        • The player overall moves faster
        • The player will have a few changes if weilding the wrist blaster
          • The mechanics, I'm working on ATM, but will likely be based on Starbound's Energy Mechanic
      • Cybus Cyberking
        • The player is much heavier
          • The player will have a greater falling speed
          • From certain heights, landing on a mob will likely cause damage
          • The player may shatter ice/glass upon landing too hard.
          • The player may also fall through leaves and 1 block thin layers of snow blocks.
          • The player will have a bit of a hard time swimming upwards
          • The player will move a bit slower or will have a really nerfed sprint
        • The player is also a bit of a tank
          • The player will have greatly increased Melee Damage
          • The Player will have pretty high defense

Details: More shall come soon



Related Threads: 

  • Cybermen on the Moon, Cybercontrol, and Telos (link)
  • Mondas/ Marinus and it's Time Zones (link)
  • The Planet Voga and some Anti-Cyberman Weaponry ( link)
  • General Changes to the Cybermen (link)
  • Cyberman Skinpack (link)
  • Cyber-Piglins (link)

Other cyberman themed threads

  • Cyberman inspired Console Room (link)


The Recent  Update Upgrade Log

Upgrade June 4


  • Added details for the Dark Dimension Cyberman (Credit to pl13248)
  • Updated the Table of contents

Upgrade June 5


  • Added Cyber-Headsets, Cyber Particles, and Cyber Particle Vacuum (Full credit goes to pl13248)
  • Added Cyber-Time Ships and Cyber-Time Squad (Full credit goes to pl13248)

Upgrade December 16

  • Added Spoilers to ease navigation

I decided I may start modeling some of these.

What do you guys think of my Cyberdog?

So cute. It looks rather kind, actually.

 Tbh, I don't see it myself, but that's why I asked. I'll see if I can make it look a bit more menacing

I've added LOADS of stuff.

One main thing I added is bosses (Cyberplanner, Cyberking, and Cybercontroller).  I'm not sure what to put for the Cybercontroller.

Does anyone have any opinions?

 [Note this is from an old issue. Just ignore this]


I believe wodaman copied a lot made a complete ripoff of ideas from here.

And I don't take kindly to that.


I believe wodaman copied a lot made a complete ripoff of ideas from here.


And I don't take kindly to that.

 Arcpheonix I didn't mean to, it must have been in the back of my mind but I honestly didn't mean to.


[this is from an old accidental issue, please just ignore this]

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