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Aloxian's Apeture Sience #2 build project progress report.


As some of you may know, I am currently building Aperture Science from the popular game "Portal". I know that Tumbler Cat and a few others have already built their

aperture but, I am making mine have lots of locations and test chambers. When the DMU server restarts, I will start to build Aperture #2.  Anyone who is interested in helping, is welcome to. Simply tpa to me or use your TARDIS to go to the cords of were it is going to be built. Right now, I am assuming it will be somewhere in the wild.

please remember:

  • I am not competing with Tumbler or anyone just a bit of fun cool
  • Portal, is owned by Valve NOT me because I don't want any one from Valve coming to my door and making me pay £1000
  • this is 100% for fun so chill out :)

right now, this page is pretty bleak so sorry :) it will be full soon so don't worry cool




- GlaDOS room built.






















Really this should be in the projects section but oh well sorry.

Lol Tubler but seriously iam not

 Ahahaha go forth and build your Aperture, we might fuse it one day...

Coords and/or pics? Beta or Public (just checking, no need to answer this part if beta)?

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