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Bug with the server and other mods.

Hi, so I got some other mods to make gameplay more fun on the server. But my mods crash my game on the server when I try to craft the stuff from the mod. What is wrong with it, is it my Computer, The mods or the server? Please let me know. Thanks. :D

you really should post this in the bug reporting section here


secondly, are you playing on the server when it crashes? if so the mods, the server mods might clash and be too much for the computer.


some more information? what type of computer you are using? what did you try to craft? What mods are you using??



Oh crap ummm it's a windows 7 Lenovo thinkpad.


I try to craft my Parachute and plane then the game crashes. i have to be on the server to craft the things. I have been using the Flight Simulator mod and the Parachute mod.


Need anymore information?

well, not a good idea to use the mods that actually add craftable stuff to the game. cause the server only supports the dalek mod, and noone else has that mod so if other people are there... your gonna have a bad time

that is what crashed ur game, try using the server without parachute and flight simulator, then come back to this thread ok?

Parachute an plane. I don't need the plane that's fine but I NEED the parachute.

you cant craft non-supported mod items on the server, it doesnt work

there is no way to fix it, im sorry


This thread has been locked.