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[Chat Thread] Random discussion thread!

This is a random chat thread! Talk about whatever you want, just don't be mean, racist, sexist or discriminate anyone in anyway shape or form or the comment will be deleted and any relating to it and you will be asked to not post on this thread if you do after being asked not to all your posts will get removed from the point you were asked to leave this thread please keep swearing to a minimum and DO NOT MAKE FUN OF OR JOKE ABOUT SUICIDE OR TELL PEOPLE TO KILL THEMSELVES. HAVE FUN AND HAPPY CHATTING!!! Also please don't spam the activity feed with multiple posts from just your account. We do need it so other people are having conversations. That way the thread won't get locked again.

 There does not need to be multiple chats, this takes up forum space.


One is enough.

 Sorry, Best, I have to agree.

Well, I want to say a big thank you to 50ap5ud5 for unlocking my thread after I explained to him that this is where Arc told me to put my chat thread. Let's have good conversations now. Happy talking!!

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