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Nexus Vanguard's thread of custom interiors.

Hello. I've been meaning to do this for awhile. Not much to say except enjoy. Comments, ideas, and other stuff are appreciated. Please do not post your own interiors on this thread. Make your own. 




Reskin gone insane. A fix of the "Fridge" interior that got out of hand.


Rotor, front view.

Door, backed up.

Support pillars, to prevent headaches...yell

Console...lot's of pictures.

Rotor, side view.

Top of rotor.

Pointless lever. Just makes noise...lot's of noise...




A Modern Classic done right.


I opened the door...just another door there.






And the rest is unviewable until I find that tardis...Sorry.

They are actually quite nice, I like them. I like how you used the Toyota pillars as the console, it's a good design. Now, constructive criticism, your walls are a little bland, they are just full roundels. I recommend you either add in some different blocks to break them up

into sections, or maybe add some pillars to do this job. 

An interesting use of the Toyota pillars to form the console unit. I recommend using a variety of full and half roundels to make the walls a bit more interesting, but other than that, some lovely original work!

I don't like them....................................I LOVE THEM!!! KEEP MAKING MORE!!!!

These are really good, a bit roundel heavy, but it kinda works.

I have been thinking about knocking out the walls on the first one. The console feels massive and makes the room feel tiny...

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