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[Forum Suggestion Compilation] Forums Suggestions [Forum Suggestions]

Suggestion 1: A link to a user's posts, likely from his or her profile [Implemented June 28, 2016]

Other than just being a thing commonly found in Forums, it's a thing I'm sure most of us can use.


I find being able to access old posts of mine as well as other users as a thing of importance.


One of the best ways to learn about a mod is to read any information by the team. A good way to achieve this is to allow a way for users to click a link on an official member's profile and such so as to see any information that's been said.


Also, say you like something someone posted and wanted to see more from that person, again, a link to his/her posts would be a good idea.


Lastly, if a user wants to update an old post of his or hers, rather than digging through community sections, he or she should be able to have quick access to his or her posts.


Suggestion 2: Alerts for comments on your posts  [Implemented Some time Back]

Again, a common feature among forums. Some people may want to ask a question sometimes, but how will anyone ever hear them unless the thread is checked?


Also, feedback. Some users, especially the people with ideas often like myself, want to hear the opinions of others whenever posting ideas so that they may be improved.

There isn't really a comment alert system yet. I the feature is implemented sometime


Suggestion 3: Polls

I can't remember who it was that originally thought of this, but credit goes to them.

A lot of forums have polls as a feature and it's a great way to know how others feel about thread topics


Suggestion 4: Subscribing to a thread

(Suggested by 50ap5ud5)

Again, a feature in many forums. This would allow a user to keep "up to date" with a post, whether it be something from an official or something by another user


 Suggestion 5: Post Tagging buttons

This would allow a user to share information in a click of a button. What tags mean may be based on the context of the post.


  • Confusing: [Purposes- Poster is very Vague; Post content causes more of a headache than trying to figure out exactly when Brigadier  joined and left Unit;  Poster Butchered the English Language beyond comprehension]
  • Like: [Purposes- I support this idea (Suggestions); I like this Feature (Usually for posts by official users)]
  • Dislike: [Purposes- I do not like this idea (Suggestions);I do not like this Feature (Usually for posts by official users)]

(more will be added soon)


 Suggestion 6: Report User/Post/Thread. Also Block/Hide User  [Partially Implemented]

It should be obvious what this is for. Nonetheless, I will add a detailed description in the near future for this suggestion.


 Suggestion 6: Post tagging

See this thread here



 Suggestion 8: Profile Music


Description: Like Illuminati and Dear_Leader, users would be able to have their own fanfare on their profiles or some ambient looping background music.  


Purpose of this: To liven up/freshen up profiles and to give users a new way to customize their profile (like how we can with themes and profile banners).


How should we implement this: Like themes, profile music would be able to be purchased from the store or would just  be free and a list of preset songs can be included under a "Profile sounds" setting under the Account Settings Area. Also, perhaps the pages can be set to play whatever music a user has selected, and none if the user has none set. Songs will either play for a duration (fanfares) (like Illuminati and Dear_Leader's tunes) or loop (ambiant music)

 What kind of "tunes" do you suggest: Maybe some things like...


  • Tardis Materializing/Deaterializing
  • Doctor Who themes
  • Trumpet Fanfare
  • Mr. Smith's Fanfare from The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Eccentric Fanfare
  • Other things, not necessarily having to be DW Related
  • Some original things


  • Cloister Bell
  • I am the Doctor
  • Graceful
  • Music Theme- Unsettling/Mysterious
  • Other things, not necessarily having to be DW Related
  • Some original things

Any other Information: Perhaps users can also have a custom "Ding" or "boing" sound, or whatever, for when buttons are pressed on their profiles. 

 I honestly don't know about this one, but if it was added, it would be cool.

Also, Idk if copyright would be an issue or not, so it may be best to use remixes/inspired music or just completely original creations. Idk.



Also See: 50ap5ud5's post on the same topic. His ideas would also help to improve the forums. Check his thread out here https://swdteam.co.uk/forum?p=thread&tid=80

I agree. with the  notifications feature. Asdding on to your first suggestion,  maybe you can subscribe to their thread?

I agree. with the  notifications feature. Asdding on to your first suggestion,  maybe you can subscribe to their thread?

 I'll add this to the main post

I agree. with the  notifications feature. Asdding on to your first suggestion,  maybe you can subscribe to their thread?

 I'll add this to the main post


Boy this is an old thread. I'll start working on formatting this

I've linked this post in my own forum suggestions post here. Hope these ideas may be implemented at some point.

 Update: A new suggestion has been added- Profile Music


I'm not one-hundred percent sure whether it would REALLY be a good idea, but I do say that if it does become a thing, it would be pretty cool IMO

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