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We made a SWDBuild for Spawn. [SAYM'S SHOP and a better Tardis Shop.]

As the title suggests Me and Q built a better "SAYM'S SHOP" for Spawn and I give it to you for implementation if you so chose. 

The current "SAYM'S SHOP" doesn't fit in very well in my opinion. So we built...

...our own SAYM'S SHOP! Sells almost everything the original did and already comes with some buy signs placed. 



 Next build was done by me, Q, and WeirdoGaming. We built a better tardis shop. Does not include recipes as we all felt that belonged in a separate building or place.

Again, comment if you liked it, disliked it, or want a hug.


If SWD is interested in adding this to spawn either post so here, comment on my profile or catch me on the server.

 Thank you. And it's more efficient than the old one because instead of 2 buildings, there's only one!

 Thank you. With every bit of support I get one step closer to having it added.

I also would like to note that tours will only be given to Staff due to this being very close to my private house.

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