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New Blocks/Exterior textures/Keys Ideas

So, about a month ago I decided to try to make some more key designs. Then, I decided to do some Exterior re-textures. And then, today, I decided why not some blocks.

The textures are not very good. I tried 7's fan key, but it did not work very well. 


REMEMBER: All recipies are ideas

Bronze key: A bronze varient of the regular key. Crafted with brass


Silver Key. Crafted with iron or titanium. Just a silver varient


Car Key Fob. Crafted with Titanium, Iron bars, plastic and a button. Joke to the 10th doctor locking his TARDIS remotely, and for a roleplay use with Bessie


Car Key. Crafted like the fob, without the button. Just as a match to the fob


Helix Plastic Key. Crafted with plastic and titanium. Used by 4, and owned by Sarah in her final episode in the classic series.


Tree Key. Crafted with leaves, a gold nugget and a stick. A key for the floral exterior. Seal of Rassilon in the middle


Tie Clip Key. Crafted with a Brass ingot, a cog, and any other key. Seal of Rassilon in the middle.

Ok, so this is a slightly personal key. I got a tie pin last year, and I had a TARDIS Door Cling. I usually used the tie pin as my "Key", so when I was making key designs, I decided to try to remake it in 16x16 fashion. It looks like this: Tie Clip (Seal of Rassilon)





Okay, so these are all redesigns.


So, Floral only has oak. what if you land in a birch forest?

Or a jungle?


Just small varients, and the leaves are hard to do (colours and all that)



Vanilla TARDIS's are not all Lapis.

 How about wool?

Or Clay?



So, I did a thing.

A depainted varient of Clara's one.

An "Aged" varient of the Alpha exterior. Based on the exterior seen at the end of Angels Take Manhatten





2015 Wall: two versions, because I could not decide which looked better


it probably would be easier to work with the first one...


Green Screen Alternates: Because Green is not the only screen


It would be nice.





Well, that is all I got. 

I love these ideas!! Got my vote! (Not that it counts as much as the staff xD) 

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