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A suggestion for sayms shop in spawn

So we all know that sayms shop is the place to go for people that want to buy dalek mod blocks. but there is one block missing to complete the shebbang that block would be the beacon, the beacon is a cool block to use in your tardis build and to be honest nobody wants to go through the trouble of killing the wither to get it. so how about it could you put it in the shop?

Good point, I'll see if I can add this in later for you. It  will have to be quite a bit more than the other blocks' cost though, as it is harder to naturally acquire. I think a starting price of 15 credits, but if anyone has any ideas on the cost be sure to leave them. If you can't wait to get a beacon, the classic interior uses multiple beacon's in its build which you could get, but don't take them from anyone else's tardis (ie. don't bridge just to get one)


I think we are getting a new shop soon however, so I'll make sure it is added into that one if not the current one.


Thanks man, i cant tell you how good it is to hear that the beacon will be added to the shop!

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