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Grief report [Solved]

Nah that's not grief that's a building me and Acediajc blew up.

Oh okay, well i am so sorry guys i feel like an idiot now.

this building was kidsos, then passed onto guestlin and war_major I believe. when were you given it wierdo?

Ace said I could use it for the JLA then we copied it and blew the old one up

No Kidso_ never gave the building to Weirdogaming, he handed it down to me(war_major) and gordonfreeman987 to use for our jla, we still owned it until weirdogaming took it, even though Ace does not have the authority to give it because he/she is not the owner of the build, me and gordon are. So you are breaking rules weirdogaming.

weirdo you said that that JL wasn't ours


cyberj(me):is this ours?

weirdogaming: no, i wish

cyberJ: we should build one of our own

weirdogaming: yeah

Wierdo must move (don't just copy it back, delete yours a put it back where it was) the building back, still discussing further punishment 

Building was moved back. Issue resolved. Blown way our of proportion. 

Wierdo banned for 24 hrs for griefing and stealing twice, with the terms that if he does something like this again he will receive a harsher punishment and Acedia held partly responsible

And Shane has no jurisdiction to make such accusations. Problem resolved. 

And Shane you should watch your step on matters that you don't know  fully about.  The Guestlin batcave is a long and complicated issue after Guestlin had "Quit for ever".

Thread locked.


Reason: Build has been restored, ownership issues have been clarified.

This thread has been locked.