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[ Dalek Mod Suggestion ] Better Tardis Networks Management [ New feature/Feature Continuation ]

Better Interior Management




Feature Name:

  Better Interior Management

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon):


Description of Feature:

  Since the "Linking TARDIS to key" feature is being added in U43, I had an idea that might be useful or even a cool addition based on that.

When Shift-Right Clicking the TARDIS with a key while outside it links the TARDIS to the key in hand, my idea is very similar. When Shift-Right Clicking a TARDIS Door with a linked key while inside the TARDIS, will link the door to the TARDIS linked to the key. That way, if the player makes a "TARDIS Network" with his TARDIS(s) if he gets out from one door he will be outside the exterior he linked, making it even easier to find his TARDIS possibly.

 The Idea is simple but might not be easy to code but it's a good idea in my opinion.

What is the purpose of this:

  Make a Better management for TARDIS Networks
This would make it easier for the player to find their exterior based on his interior coordinates as the door would link to the exterior.
It's currently a common misconception that if you can get to your interior, that you can get your exterior back. With this feature, this would be actually the case.

How do you suggest we implement it in the game:

  • If the player holds a TARDIS Key linked to a TARDIS he owns and Shift-Right click the Door, the door will link to the TARDIS linked to the key.

  • If another player already did that to a door, you will fail to do it and a message will pop up in the chat "This door is already linked to someone else's TARDIS".

  • (Maybe) this might be able to be a replacement for the Command /tardis-interior-coords (It's not what this feature is for but it's a possibility)
  • The door would only take the player outside once linked if the player is the owner or a companion of the TARDIS.


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