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[Forum Bug] Posts cut at a certain point [Unsolved]

I made this post here, a really long one and I nearly lost part of what I spent so long typing if I hadn't noticed the cut and went back a tab, again lucky because my browser kept what I typed.


I had to post the rest of what I said as a second comment. 

It's a bug that likely won't come up much in normal forums use, but its still a problem

EDIT: This is a problem if you make ANY really long post



Normally, this is a bug I catch when it happens and fix it ASAP, but it REALLY messed up one of my suggestions recently. It was one I put a lot of time towards, and when I realized that this bug had happened, I couldn't really remember many of the details of the suggestion that this bug cut off

Arcphoenix. I will be bumping this up if I see it has fallen down until it is resolved. I have never made long posts but that sounds EXTREMELY frustrating. 

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