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EdusgprNetwork's Models/Renders

Hi, this is the thread where I will post my Models and Renders

More can be found Here

Here's some

Wip 2013 Toyota console 

More coming in the future


Pretty nice, I really like the toyota console in the first post, but I have to say the newer one looks a little bit, odd. Its not bad, but something about it is off, cant place it.

Your TARDIS render is absolutely beautiful quality, leaves me wanting to see some form of animation with it XD. But, I cant see the panels, either the indents are too small or the lighting is in the wrong place, but otherwise, magnificent effort.

If you say so Jessie, but I need to mention the fact that it is my first time using Techne.

about the blender one, I need to say that it's WIP ? and that I haven't made any controls yet ? Oh the lighting, I set the sky to emmit light for now.

but thanks for pointing out the obvious 

This is really cool, good job ed think you could do  a tardis crashing?  Interior and  exterior 

Wow ed, these are incredible! You know I love toyota and your toyota console is awesome!!

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