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Another Custom Console Room - doe_killer

Here's a console room I threw together last night; I've never been much of a builder, and was wondering what everyone thinks of it.

Here's some screen shots of different angles:










It's not quite finished, I still have do decorate it some more.

















I added a little decoration and made the time rotor go up and down:



I spent the afternoon working on this, it's based off of the other one, but it has some of the new blocks and is much larger. The video also shows off a minor bug I've noticed.



I don't think I'm going to keep the modeled console, it seems too small; I may also make a few other changes. Any comments/constructive criticism would be helpful.

I don't think I'm going to keep the modeled console, it seems too small; I may also make a few other changes. 

 If you are going to make a un-modelled (Block-built) console, maybe you can use the TARDIS panel (If you can stack panel commands) to make the Console rise and fall upon dematting. That would be a cool aesthetic feature for your TARDIS interior (Really like the design by the way). smile 

Wow, I really like these spins on the classic style. Splendid job, doe_killer



I added a little armor-stand art, replaced the console, and tried something a bit different.



Not sure what I think of it yet.

I really like this console it looks so nice and the water in the time rotor when you demat. I love it keep up the good work man.

I decided to add on to the last interior shown in this thread. I built a library under the console room (with the traditional swimming pool). The column of water that goes through it is the same time rotor for the console, so it should break up when the engines are on. I used 4th doctor secondary console blocks in the walls, and for some decoration, so I call it the 'Secondary Library'. I'm thinking of building a larger single or two story library with more books later, which would be the 'Primary Library'. This was very much inspired by the library in The Lion's TARDIS, whose interior I go over on my channel.


Anyway, here's a low quality video of it:



As always, any thoughts and suggestions for improvement are welcome.

Also, I noticed that written books can't be put into bookshelves, if any developers see this, can you make it so that they can?

Just finished another console room, curious what others think of it:


Show content





I'm thinking about calling it 'The DarkWood Interior'

I'm really liking this design. It's alot more complex and detailed than your previous interiors, showing alot of thought and care was put into this interior.

Your use of noteblocks and the minecart on the rotor is something I've not seen before and it works great; it reminds me of a dark scary toy cupboard with all the mob statues!


One thing I might add is the lack of furniture, other than the few chairs and the mob statues it feels a bit empty, unless this design choice was intentional?


Overall a great job, there's many creative ideas featured here and I can't wait to see more! :)

Thank you so much!

While dark was my intention with this, I hadn't thought of this being like a toy cupboard, but since you mentioned it, I can really see that. I mostly put in all the statues because I was practicing using the entity manipulator and trying to add some decoration/detail.

I agree that it is a bit empty, but I've never been very good at decorating my interiors, and I'm out of ideas for what else to add. Hopefully I'll come up with something.

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