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[EULA Compliance] Addressing the Removal of donating for SWDbae.

Just updated the thread to say that you can still donate to receive the donator rank as it will only include commands which offer visual changes. Such as titles and nicknames. This also goes for the Beta rank. If you buy beta you are buying access to our private server as well as beta versions of our games and other projects. You will still receive this rank on the server as again it does not have any gameplay affecting permissions / commands.

I do not understand. The thread implies everyone gets to keep their rank and their perks with it but another writing in the thread implies that no player can have permissions another player doesnt have or something of that sort. Could someone please explain further.

is it me or we all getting dumber


 Perhaps we need to read the thread and think about what's being said.

So does this mean that Donator will now have the same perms as SWDbae?

So just to clarify you can no longer get SWDBae is there an alternate way of getting it?

so basicly beta testers now only get to play beta versions  and we also lose the fly command? and if we did lose fly 

Just to clarify, SWDBae ranks are no longer available to purchase.  Those who already bought SWDBae before 27th May 2016 will keep heir perms like creative etc.


As stated in the thread Donators will receive cosmetic perms like /nick or /set-title. Donators do not have the same permissions SWDBae.


Beta Testers will lose /fly but will still have access to the Provate server and any Beta versions of SWD products.


I suggest using Cntrl+F in your browser to search for key words, as this information was included in the thread.


Just a note, the Mario death sound effect video doesn't seem relevant to this topic; if you would like to include those videos please try the Off topic section.

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