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Tardis Theft

So, I was playing on the private server and then found this Tardis which is clearly one of my designs stolen and with some blocks changed

Any comparison can be made through this thread, made at 08/01/2016


both players in the images (which I'm not saying names due privacy) Claim to be innocent and do not remember who gave it to them, it was clearly not me

omg i get so pissed when i see myn or my friends tardis designs being in someone elses tardis and to add more when they take credit for the design as well it is just fustrating


Nothing can be done about this, its not really much of a problem and is only an interior.  I'm sorry it was 'stolen' but there isnt much that can be done, the least the admins can do is tell them not to or have a go at them. Sorry dude.

This issue has been resolved, the date this was made was in June. I'll lock this thread now

This thread has been locked.