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[Reference] "Will you make the server cracked"

"Will you make the DMU servers cracked??"


Short Answer, No. We can't.


Reason being, enabling offline (Cracked) mode on the server for cracked players to join would affect premium players gameplay.

The actual purpose of the "Offline mode"  is that it's not meant to be run publicly as a server. It was mostly made for LAN Minecraft gameplay, or server testing.

For example:

- Skins would not load

- TARDIS's would mess up due to the mod using UUIDs to keep track of whose TARDIS is who.

- UUIDS are used to identify other players such as ranks and staff.

- Ranks would no longer function properly.

- The DMU Store would be completely useless as it cannot identify the players that bought the items.

- Staff would no longer have any power over anyone as everyone is set to the same permissions in offline mode.

- Banned players would not stay banned as they can just get a different name and rejoin due to Minecraft having no access to authentication servers in offline mode.



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