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[Note] Wilderness/TARDIS issue

It has come to my attention that the /warp wilderness has become very cluttered with TARDISes. This causes a lot of lag for players who warp there and it is not a dumping ground you can just leave your TARDIS at. It was created as a way for players to get away from spawn, and collect wood or do whatever they want to. I don't want to have to put a world guard around its spawn, so can you please respect the area? If your TARDIS is parked there, please move it before I do!


Image of TARDISes just left there:


This thread is basically just a reinstatement of this:


Credit to Lord_Master for trying to keep the environment nice for all players and actually taking care!

Edited post Lel didn't see it was you Curious :) 

Can't you deleted or replace those?  Or are moderators not allowed to do this?  Just a tip make it day it was hard to see any tardisses at the picture ????


Can't you delete or replace those?  Or are moderators not allowed to do this?

 We can delete them, but we usually don't unless there is a definite reason to do so. All I am saying is please don't park TARDISes here and if you think you might have some parked there, please check and if so move them. It'll save me  a lot of time moving them all myself.

Oh ok :)  The times when Iam on, Il keep an eye out :) 

I feel like many people find this annoying thanks for finally addressing this Curious!

i think that this should apply for /warp tardisparking as well, 


you need to park your TARDIS(es)  inside   The tardis parking not infront of it 

also, don't be lazy and summon your tardis ontop of others or cram them inbetween spaces just because you don't want to take the time to walk to an empty space


example images

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yes i know this is an old thread but this seems like the best place to put this.

I agree with Ghostbuster I will discuss this with other staff members unless they already saw it or discussed this already.

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