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[Implemented] Ban Appeal Forum Section

I have recently noticed that Ban Appeals are sort of scattered about the Forums. While there are specific sections designated for NOT putting them but they don't have a central location that they really go.


Suggestion: A place in the "Community" subsection for "Ban Appeals" As well as some specific advice on posting an appeal (which I would like to help with) as well as the decision that after the appeal is accepted/declined that the post is locked for 3 days and then removed for sake of spam reduction.


Reason: The current Ban Appeal system is in chaos. There is no standard location for them and no real rules or regulations for appeals and I feel this is something that would brings down the community as a whole. The worst part is that the problem can be fixed with ease but nobody has thought of the solution until now.

I fully agree with this.


I asked 1WTC abut this once, and he liked the idea. Perhaps we'll see a section for this

This thread has been locked.