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dhi_awesome's Models

Model Pack 1: Link removed. Download complete back below.

Model Pack 1

(Thank you DoctorTARDISx for the image)


  • Fake TARDIS
  • Demat Lever
  • Wibbly Lever (Copper)
  • Toyota Lever (the red ones)
  • [Bad] 2014 Time Rotor
  • Vanilla TARDIS Exterior
  • Old TV
  • Desk
  • PC
  • Desk with PC
  • Tardis Spinning Things (Toyota)
  • UNDERTALE Ruins Door Closed
  • UNDERTALE Ruins Door Open
  • UNDERTALE New Home Door
  • TARDIS Wall (The really old green one) Roundel
  • TARDIS Wall 2015 (Texture matches the one used by my resource pack)
  • Telepathic Panel (Toyota) Blue and Orange varients
  • Copper Time Rotor
  • Journal3
  • Classic Scanner
  • TARDIS Interior Door

Single Model 1: Link removed. Download complete back below.

Model pack 2, the consoles update: Link removed. Download complete back below.

  • 2013 time rotor
  • 2015 time rotor
  • rani time rotor
  • rani time rotor 1x1
  • 1973 time rotor 1x1
  • updated telepathic panels
  • spinning/manual flight panel
  • a couple other little things

 Model Pack 3- The Capaldi pack: Link removed. Download complete back below.

  • Chalkboard and Bookshelf
  • Glass Desk (Labeled Capaldi Desk, because of a prop from Series9)
  • 2Dis
  • New spinning things model (1 block for all levels, seperate to the old model)
  • A corridor door based on the block in the mod, but for alternate blocks

Model Pack 1-5: DOWNLOAD

Model Packs 4-5 include:

  • Giant Door
  • Cookie Jar
  • Sub's Nutella
  • Stack of Gold Ingots
  • Stack of Iron Ingots
  • Incomplete Brick Block
  • Double Bed
  • Double Bed (Place 3 blocks above the ground, and it SHOULD render over placed beds. Should.)
  • Grandfather Clock
  • Newton's Cradle

Downloading this pack will include fixes for all previous models, so no need to download all of them. This type of pack will happen every 5 packs.



If you have any good ideas, suggest them. This will be updated less than my resource pack, but will have updates. 

To extract, just put it in the model packs folder and, well, extract it. The models are just inside. I will release single models if I don't feel like making more than 10 models, and need to quickly make one for a build.

I've imported these models to Blender and I'm rendering an 8k image to put here of all the models :D Although, the only model I wasn't able to import (for an unknown reason) was the demat lever.

1973 Time Rotor has been released. A new model pack may not be released for a while, but single models are more likely to be released then the packs.

Model pack 2 released. Contains console models, mainly.

I can't download the third pack :-/

When I click on the link, I arrive on a Dropbox page with "error (404)".

The Pack3 download should now be 100% fixed. I fixed the file from a .rar to a .zip, but forgot to change the link laughing...

Now it can be used by all computers!

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