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Custom TARDIS created by me and JACKJGAMING

Its ok but my opinion of the shape is its too sphere

Just a small thing that'll make it better try make your own shape not just WEing spheres,

Makes me think of outer space. I like that about it.

Looking at it a bit more though, that's a whole lot of roundels

It looks like a TARDIS from the end, because of the black and purple color scheme. I like it!

While the darker theme is interesting, perhaps you could try using more varieties of roundels, rather than use one type.

Please use the "edit Post" button if you would like to add to your post. It currently takes up alot of the activity feed each time you post a new image.

here is my update not as much roundels :D

 Did you change all the roundels to steel? Because that doesn't solve the problem: the Tardis is still monotone,  you need to add more variety to it

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