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Development of Dalek Mod Update 44

Reposted from Time_Cat's thread, with additions by 50ap5ud5


Hello all!


Today we have some news regarding Dalek Mod Update 44, i will be talking about its development and features.



What's in this update?


Update 44 will be mainly focused on revamping some interiors that were in the 1.7 version of the mod: Ender(Ford_Pines) and MilkPls have worked on two new interiors that are confirmed to come in this update, the Toyota(12th Doctor's Tardis)and the Coral(9th-10th Doctors' Tardis)console rooms.

Both of these console rooms will have brand new models, such as modelled controls, modelled chairs and so on.



Another feature which has already been introduced is Handles, who will be the player's personal assistant. He will be able to answer many questions, from "What time is it?" from "How do i get credits?", there might also be a server version of Handles who will answer many server-related questions! If you haven't seen it, go check out this video about Handles!


Ender and Milk helped implement Handles' model and thanks to John it will be coded into the mod for all to experience!




The New Update Naming system

SWD also has a new naming system for the Dalek Mod Updates.Previously the updates were titled "Update [x]" E.g. Update 44.


Now they are named according to:

  1. MC version. These will be the following for SWD's numbering of MC versions:
    • 1.7.10 -> 1
    • 1.8 -> 2
    • 1.8.8 -> 3
    • 1.8.9 -> 4
    • 1.9 -> 5
    • 1.9.4 -> 6
  2. No. of Update.
  3. No. Of Minor Update
  4. Patch Number


E.g. The Numbering for the first version of Update 43 would be


2 stands for the version that the Update is for  (1.8), 43 is the Update Number, the two 0s mean the this is the original Update, without any patches or minor features added in.



Have a read of the above and have a go at understanding it.


If you still don't understand, feel free to post on either 50ap5ud5, Arcphoenix, Time_cat or SubDivide's profile.



 NOTE: SWD does not plan to update to 1.9 or 1.10 yet, as the Forge versions aren't stable enough to port hundreds of features over quickly. At this point, the Dalek Mod will stay in 1.8.





Q: OMG! When is Update 44 coming????

A: 30th of October!


Q: Are there more console rooms coming apart from the ones mentioned in the thread?

A: Again, i do not know. It depends on how fast can 1WTC add the models and the console rooms to the mod.


Q: Is there a beta version coming soon?
A: At the moment there aren't news about any pre-release, but keep an eye on the beta products page, you never know...


Q: Are the console rooms from the 1.7 version coming back in 1.8?

A: No.


Q: Can you add X feature to the mod?

A: If you want to suggest something to add to the mod, please make a thread about it here

Who is this MilkPls hack and why are his interiors being added. I spent months making a custom interior for the mod and it get's thrown away! This is a disgrace and I am super offended right now. I am going to have to report you to the AFP and maybe even DDOS your HDMI cables that run the SWD servers!


[Deleted by Moderator for being irrelevant to the discussion]


[Deleted by Moderator for being irrelevant to the dicussion]

 useless , please EDIT and delete it


[Deleted by Moderator for being irrelevant to the discussion]

 useless , please EDIT and delete it

 why a roblox picture.. srsly?



I love the confirmed features! I wasn't expecting a whole new update for a few months. I was thinking only a patch.  But this is .. Very fast! 


I'd like to see how Matt does a showcase with handles! :)

Just er...Gonna bump this, i feel like people should read this so um...Yeah, bump.

if you can i would love to see a suicide booth tardis 

if you can i would love to see a suicide booth tardis 

 Not the place.


Try one of these threads:


Tardis Exterior Suggestions


Will there possibly be a Way to BECOME! a dalek? or get the skin packs to work.

You can! In game press P and you get a gui of skinpacks you can choose from.

I CAN'T WAIT!!! Its adding the 2005-2010 Tardis. Who wouldn't like that in the mod?

I mean why are you all super excited wont this take like a few months?

I mean why are you all super excited wont this take like a few months?

 No, it will be out soon.

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