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DMU Store Suggestions

We need suggestions!

We are looking for suggestions of any cosmetic items you'd like to see on the DMU Store. We need suggestions of cosmetics that you'd actually want to buy. We already have a large collection however we have yet to add many items requested by users. Suggestions can be anything from hats to masks to clothing items already in game.

Why do you need suggestions?

We can't come up with all the ideas, It's nice to sometimes ask and see what others users want. It's better than us just guessing what you want. If you tell us then we know what you want and can try everything we can to make sure you get it!

Why are the items not free?!

Because since we removed the ability to donate for VIP we've needed another way to generate some money from the server in order to pay for it each month. We don't get much in donations so every purchase you make help to keep the server online.

How can I give you a suggestion?

Just post it below and we'll take it into consideration!



Pets! Pretty self explanatory, but here is a thread in more detail.

More than just hats Accessories like capes backpacks etc.

a big TARDIS hat  , that would be  amazing

I have a number of ideas

Whale Hat (Idk), Fedora, Dalek Eyestalk (like a Dalek Puppet),  that thing Adam had in his forehead in The Long Game(the chip that opens to his brain), eyepatch, a hat with 2 other hats on top of it (hat hat), one of those soda hats, and maybe  a propeller hat too

Medieval helmet, pirate hat, Deadpool mask, Green(or any other color)tinted visor, goggles...

An iCat could be a hat, to represent the psychological reasons behind an appeal to pardon one's digital character from an online server. 


As as a member of this fair community, such a suggestion could be considered for peace equality and understanding of such appeals for help.


With the use of symbolism, the hat possesses an image of a cat typing on a computer, to show the true culprit behind the banishing of a player from an online server.

Maybe trails or particles around the player? Like a trail of enchantment particles that follows the player around when he/she moves? 

Three hat ideas.

1) CatHat (Literally just a hat of a cat)

2) Dalek head hat (idea based off of the iChun Hats mod)

3) the TARDIS Hat (idea based of of the iChun hats mod)

my yellow headphones!the ones on my minecraft skin btw

A rainbow wizard hat, a book stack hat, a computer mouse pet, dippers old hat and present hat, little dalek pet, little tardis pet, toy cat hat, a minion pet, dalek mod cap and a little john pet,

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