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Flat Line-A tardis feature suggestion.

In the episode flat line, the tardis enters seige mode. a mode wich will stop entry and exit.

some images:

The cube itsself.

the doctor activating seige mode.

The tardis also shrinks. Due to energy in the dimensions being drained.


thats funny and cute at the same time.

its funny how they used a toy as the shrunken view.

it also shrinks to about the size of a minecraft player.


i would love both Shrinking,


1: of course in and out view.

2: ability to throw items in and out.

3: projectiles and small entities can still enter.

And seige:

1: the tardis cant be destroyed, (similair to bedrock) even by sonic blaster.

2: no moving at all even demat.

3: no entry and exit.

4: about a block big.

P.S: is this format enough?!




Has been suggested already.


As for the format, I'll link in a min


EDIT: Actually it's pinned. You should see the format in the suggestions section

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