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[Informative thread] DMU Hub - Coming soon





Lately, the SWDTeam & Staff have been working hard to create a single server that will ‘connect’ both the DMU Public and DMU Private together.


How does it work?
Basically, when you join the server you will have different portals you can go to that will take you to different places, for example the DMU Public or Private servers. The Hub server will be in vanilla minecraft, although you do not need to disable the dalek mod to join it, but you will obviously need to enable the dalek mod in order to join the DMU servers. Think of this as a mini Mineplex lobby.


When will it be out?

When will you stop asking? In all seriousness, I don't know.

How do I join?

At the moment it is being set up and not open to the public yet.


When it is finished, you can join by using the IP address (Which is not included for obvious reasons).

In the future it may have a direct join link from the title screen, replacing the existing DMU buttons.


If you have any questions or anything to add to this thread, let me know.


Credit to 50ap5ud5 for help on this thread.


-CuriousPlughole, Server Ultra Admin



Cool - Can't wait - Keep up the great work SWD Team - Also I can't wait to see what's in Update 44


Also, if you have any suggestions of minigames you would want to play be sure to leave a brief explanation here, or make your own thread in more detail!

This sounds like a great idea, and a mini-game idea is a race track where you fly the TARDIS/drive Bessie, and see who drives the best.

All they said was "No!".

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 It really isn't...

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COOL!!!! Do you have to be beta for them?

 As far as I know, it'll be open to everyone, and a TB of it for beta is possible but unlikely 

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