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[Dalek Mod Suggestion] 2013 TARDIS Interior by DoctorWhu11

Hey guys, it's DoctorWhu11

My favourite Doctor is Matt Smith, and I love his 2013 interior. I just hate having to build it again every time. I love what DMU is doing, and I realize everyone is busy. But this Interior would be a great addition. Below are some images:

I am just saying, Ford_Pines and Milkpls are already gonna add their version of the interior with their own modeled blocks. It won't be out in U44 but it will be out in a future update. The 12th Doctor Toyota will be added in U44 though.

This interior really isn't that good, colors are off. Looks like a modified default interior.

Sorry, kiddo. There's already a 2013 interior going in the mod and there already is a group of people who build the interior for the mod. Also, your interior isn't really accurate, for the reasons that i listed in your other thread.

I like how you have tried to have a crack at making an interior. Which is Great! Unfortunately theirs one already being made for the mod.

Also yours looks a bit inaccurate.  Just by looking at the main build structure its obvious you have just edited the default interior and made it more blue.  Which is still cool but at the moment they are working on more unique designs. 


But still nice work!


Yeah . . . I noticed literally moments after I posted it.


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