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[DMU] What a lame claim to fame.

DisclaimerI am not sure how well the SWD rank system could interact with a preexisting claim system. Sorry for not being the smartest person in the room right now.




Problem:  One word. Griefing. Right now our system has no real protection from griefing. Sure you could say that is what Staff is for, but that's incorrect. Staff often find the grief after it is too late. Then what's the point to the player who was griefed? The best Staff can do by then, is ensure the griefer will be banned and run off to deal with the 700 other cases. And the average, griefed player is left with a half burnt, half stolen, ruin of a build. 



Solution:  Almost every server that has outlawed griefing, has a land claim system. Closest thing to that the DMU has is a Staff only WorldGuard which makes the area almost unchangeable. A land claim system, while still existing alongside WorldGuard, would add to the safety of people's builds, make another reason for people to donate (More on that later), and ease the job of any and all Staff members, some of which are known to be highly stressed. 




  • Claiming: How it is done, what it does and how it will affect Staff members.
    • How?
      • One will simply select two points with an unused item like a golden or wooden hoe, as if selecting WorldEdit points, but it will apply all the way up and all the way down. 
      • Then once the size is "just perfect" a command (make it up...) can be entered to claim the area.
      • All ranks, except Noob, can claim land up to 10,000 blocks of flat space. (All the way up and all the way down are not counted in that calculation)
      • The plot will record it's own creation and will be able to be checked by Staff to see how old or new a claim is.
    • What? 
      • It will give them control over who can modify or mess with the blocks in that space. (Of course Staff can override their set privileges list to modify things)
      • It will allow them to have a list of people who may not enter the claim at all.(Staff will not be affected by that list)
      • Can toggle if PVP is activated in their claim
      • Claimed Plots may be passed on to another player by the owner.
    • Staff Stuff. 
      • Can modify a claimed area, regardless of if they're added or not.
      • Can modify a claimed area, even if somebody has attempted to lock them out.
      • Can remove any claim with ease
      • Can PVP in areas where it is disabled.
      • Once /tempban is added, then /ban will be for permanent bans. Perm-banned people have no need for claims, and once they are banned, their claim is automatically removed
      • Can check to see how old a claim is.
  • You said donations, and that means money. I wish to know more about that.
    • People can't be allowed to claim an infinite amount of land. That would be bad.
    • But maybe if they want a little more land space to have, they could donate about 5 bucks to SWD and get donator rank or beta which can give you a shiny 20,000 more blocks to claim.
    • The, now disabled, SWDBae can have 50,000 more.
    • Staff get's unlimited. 
  • Suggestions for commands and their functions. 
    • /claim allow [name]
      • Will allow the specified user to build and break blocks in that space.
    • /claim ban [name]
      • Will not allow the specified user to enter that space
    • /claim make [Plot name]
      • Makes a new claimed lot
    • /claim leave [Plot name]
      • Allows a player to remove their plot
    • /killclaim [name] 
      • Allows Staff to remove plots
    • /claim pvp true|false
      • Allows player to enable or disable PVP in their plot
    • /claim none
      • Removes all of the users claims at once.
    • /claim give [name]
      • Passes ownership of a plot to specified user.
    • /cl or /claimlog (you pick)
      • Allows a Staff member to see when a claim was made.

That's one step closer to having it in the game! Thank you.

I agree - we definitely need some sort of claiming system in game, even if it isn't exactly as you put it.

I will save my tardis interior and my house!! I've still got holes in my interior!!!!!

I like this idea but have a few tweaks I would like to propose. We can discuss later when we both are around!

I will save my tardis interior and my house!! I've still got holes in my interior!!!!!

 Plotholes? xD

..we don't have something like this yet?

Then this is brilliant.

I will save my tardis interior and my house!! I've still got holes in my interior!!!!!

 Plotholes? xD

 Noooo!!! GRIEF HOLES!!!

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