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Minecraft Doctor Who

Me and my friend Kai Futers are making an animated Doctor Who series. It is based around The 13th Doctor and his companions Daniel Smith (Me) and another,currently unnamed,companion voiced by William Davis. So far,we've only finished the Episode 1 intro. Please leave feedback below!



EDIT: Ignore these,they will be changed.

I didn't hear the sound as my current headset doesn't work with my pc but the animations looked good! I just have one question why does the guy in the intro look so sad?

Not sure. I think he's just meant to have a neutral expression. Also,that guy is The Doctor.

Ah well if I were you I would have the eybrows be just two straight lines that way he will seem to have a neutral expression! But Im not you so do what you think is right!

Lol, The_Runner03 and I were making a series about the 13th.

I love how the animation's really smooth. You might want to possibly change the look of the doctor to have grey hair and white bushy eyebrows for the Capaldi look. I'm looking forward to seeing this kick off.

Technically, he's the 14th or 1st regen. Complicated timey-wimey.

It really depends on what you're counting by.

 If it's by "Unique faces of the Doctor" + "War Doctor was 'Doctor no more'", then yeah. 13.

If you're counting by regenerations used up by the Doctor, 15.


Numbers really never can be relied on in Doctor Who it seems http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/UNIT_dating_controversy


This Doctor is The 13th,not Capaldi.

 Okay then in that case where is the bowtie!? 13th is Matt.

Wrong thread but no, although 1WTC is online so expect it to be up within the hour!

Wrong thread but no, although 1WTC is online so expect it to be up within the hour!

 I wouldn't jump to conclusions...

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