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Hockey doctor who's return

Hello this is Innocent_fox and I have not been on the dalek mod server for almost two months because I have been on vacation a while back when I was on the server a Player by the name of hockey doctor who was banned and I have the link for that here



We thought that was the last of him but almost 2 months later I got these messages on my SWD account.



And from what hockey told me on YouTube he was banned from everything SWD Related

Er if he died how did the "cousin" know he could use his account xD

This isn't hockey's account

Because this is


Also explain this screenshot taken on 21/07/2016

Both accounts are already banned from the servers (BOTH) servers. These bans will not be lifted. I saw this a few days back and banned him.


Cap explain what's going on. I do know Hockey got in a car crash and nearly died because a bit of the dash board got stuck in the back of his neck almost killing him, but I know he's alive and fully recovered. I even talked to hockey a few days ago on Discord.

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