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PLEASE READ: The "I see other people and/or me but I can't join the server" thread.

So, I have been seeing a LOT of people lately complaining about how they see other people (and themselves) on the server but they can't join. I am making this thread to clear up what this means (would really like if an admin could pin this).


Basically it means this. The server has crashed. Yep. Simple as that. So, I hope this can stop the spam on the forums of "umg eye cant joone dah surver but eye seee uder ppl un und mii plz halp".


Also, if you  like a more technical view. When the server crashes it keeps the data of the players last on. This can (and usually does) happen on any other server. And is nothing to be worried about (besides the fact that the server has crashed XD)

Also, some people may say to you that "the souls of the players on before the crash are now trapped forever on the server". While this can be true, if you call the data their souls, it is just a joke that many people say (including staff)

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