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TNC Loader Compatibility [Suggestion]

So this is a suggestion about making the TNC Model Loader more compatible. What i mean is to make the TNC Loader not only take .tnc files but also .model and .json

Becouse otherwise mac users(me) dont have access to techne and thus cant use the TNC Model loader and have to make a texture pack to see the models in game.

Please John if your seeing this thread please add this feature.



(Sorry for the format. There wasnt any format i could think of, nor any suggestion like this was featured in the "How to format suggestions" thread by 50ap50 .)

then the name will change MODELS LOADER , I totally agree with this ...

Sounds like a good idea!

Honestly thought this thread was going to be a different topic by the title, though.

The TCN loader is for .TCN only (as in, Techne files). Now, the idea of having DIFFERENT model loaders (especially .obj (with .mtl files of course) files) would be cool.

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