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[Player Reporting] Ford_Pines

Minecraft Username: DiamondMinerJJG

Username of player you want banned: Ford_Pines

Location (Which server): Skype chat

When it happened (Time and Date): 17:25-17:29 GMT

Description of the problem (Were they abusing perms etc.): Threatened to ban me for having my own opinion and otherwise being disrespectful

Why they deserved to be banned: He is/was showing unacceptable behaviour,threating to and actually kicking me for having my own opinion.

Witnesses (if any): Anyone in the skype chat.





(have to use links as uploading images and videos will for some reason not work)




Yeah,had to copy the format from a diff thread but forgot to change names. Have edited.

Kicking me for having an opinion is NOT 'a laugh'.

This thread has been locked.