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Forum Annoyance

For the past week one person has been a major annoyance on the forums. Their name is Zathe (still not 100% on the pronounciation).

Username: dhi_awesome

Username of player you want banned: Zathe

Location: Forums


Why they deserved to be banned: They have said "That's gay" on many a thread, have made horrible requests for mods (you saw their Harambe one? I still hope it is a troll), and more

Witnesses (if any): Unknown for most, War_Major did try to pull them out on Jesse's model thread.

Image(screenshot) of the player you want banned (image of chat image etc.):

https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=1694&page=3#t_post_id_18699 Jesse's model thread

https://swdteam.com/profile?id=4296 For links to their "threads" 

 Most of the voters for that mod actually want it. And in my opinion I think it'd be awesome to see what SWD will do with a Gorilla mod xD Also I think Zathe has involvement in the SWD Team. I know he works with Sub.

Sure, he doesn't mean any harm, but that doesn't excuse him from trying to be an edgy little kid and stir things up. From what I've seen all he does is comment stupid things and make outdated jokes to try and be funny or "satirical" and it falls flat on it's face. Why? Because it's unfunny, and it makes no sense. I don't care if it's "ironic" or he calls for "satire," it's stupid, it's gotten old, and quite frankly I'm tired of seeing him comment stupid things all over to try and get a laugh out of everyone. I don't care if that's just his personality either, if he's any older than 11 he should know his limits on how stupid he should act.

 Zathe is a community member who does make certain "jokes" on the forums and does not mean any harm.

While this may be acceptable on other forums, this sort of behavior may not be taken so light-heartedly by some users here.


Zathe should be allowed to post on the forums, but not in the manner he has done previously.



Only Site Administrators like SWD Team members have the power to ban users; I suggest Zathe takes this as a warning.

Perhaps SWD Forums isn't the best place for him to...express himself.



I'll lock this thread, I hope he can take this into consideration. #DammitZathe

This thread has been locked.