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Spawn trade shop idea

username: BedrockEnderman

feature name: trade shop

description of feature: The other day i had a great idea for spawn!What if you could sell things for credits?And buy the same things with credits?Which gave me the idea of a place u could trade certain items for credits and vice versa!An example would be someone needs credits for a tardis but they are 15 credits short.Go to the trade shop sell some gold and then you'd get 15 more credits,so u can buy that tardis!some ideas for prices would be coal 5 credits,,gold 15 credits,redstone 20 credits,diamond 50 credits,emerald 70 credits.

I really like the idea. I always thought about how much money I could have on the server if I sold all of stuff I did not need from farming in the End.

ikr and thanks.the admins also like the idea and im hoping it will be a sucsess


Well they cant do iron or lapis because tardis have those blocks in them,  so no block in a tardis can be traded.

yeah i know well iron can but lapiz no iron can be traded because if u could only trade gold and diamonds then that wouldnt work out to well


The 2010 tardis has a LOAD of iron so that would be OP and is why it used to be banned.

Maybe you could add being able to sell crops instead of just mining materials.

Use this one



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