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HD Texture help

Is there any good ways to make a HD texture file? For example, making a TARDIS or Monitor texture double. I'm having some trouble figuring out a good way to do it.

Try scaling up the image in an image editor (paint.net or gimp (or photoshop if you have that)

That makes it blurry in both PDN and PS. Never used Gimp

You have to change the filtering or something, it'll say cubic or something, change it to none.

Both were set to Bicubic. Tried every option in PS, and Bicubic and Bilinear in PDN. All gave the same result. I would do what I did with the Dirt and Cookie texture and do it by hand, 2x2 per pixel, but with a 256x256 default size? There has to be a better way.


EDIT: Also, there was no none option. The options used were inside of the resize menu.

Get the program Gimp, it's free and you can scale up images without the blur effect.

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