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Shops in singleplayer

Username: Starlord_2001

Feature Name: Shops in singleplayer worlds

Lore/Brief Background (Or "As seen in" if not from Doctor Who canon): As seen in DMU public

Description of Feature: Generated structure in which you can buy items with credits or sell items for credits

What is the purpose of this: So credits can have a use in singleplayer, to make users be able to obtain uncraftable items such as spacesuits and most tardises like the floral or vanilla minecraft tardises

How do you suggest we implement it in game: By making shops generated structures with trading machines instead of shop signs.


P.S. Apologies if my English isn't that good

I completely agree with this idea.


I have a thread with a similar purpose in mind.

[Dalek Mod Suggestion Compilation] Merchant Suggestions Thread[Merchants/Npcs]


Maybe we could work together on something?

 I read your idea, it's really good! But requires many structures to be put into the mod. I'm thinking of adding a trading machine that sells all items with it's own unique GUI. Kind of like No Man's Sky

There is a mod you can use, the CustomVillagers mod and there are a few other economy mods you might be able to use

you could put it on other planets (example it could be a building in the gallifrey city)

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