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Unable to spawn mobs in U44 TB1 [Status: Unsolved]

Username: Starlord_2001

Type of bug: I don't know 

Version of forge: (Paired with Liteloader 1.8)

Dalek Mod Minecraft Version (E.g. 1.8, 1.7.10): 1.8

Dalek Mod Update Number: U44 TB1

List of mods (if you use alot make a list on a seperate comment: In sperate comment

What was the user doing prior to this: Testing U44 TB1 in singleplayer creative

Location of bug [Forum/Dalek Mod/DMU Beta or Public Servers]: Dalek mod

Status -Please update when necessary: Unsolved

Description: I was testing the new beta build, and I wanted to test if some old dalek mod items were bugged, so I tested the spawner items, and found that I was unable to spawn any mobs, K9, or Bessie. I did also try on DMU Beta, and it didn't work either.

What it affects in-game: Can't spawn mobs , can't spawn K9, and can't place or ride Bessie

Image(please link to image-uploading service/embed in this post): None

Any other information: None





Journeymap 5.1.1

Dalek mod U44 TB1


Damage Indicators


Macro/keybinds mod



I had this issue too. I thought it was just a server thing though

I have pretty much the same mods as you with the exception of a few more and I don't have an issue using them. I tried chickens pigs and creepers and had no issue. I also put them in to the dispensers and that worked as well.

Nexus disabled mob spawning on private so maybe that has something to do with it.


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