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Rotation in U44 should be all blocks, right? [Bug]

I was building the Capaldi TARDIS (2015), and had a design for the room. To make the blocks place in the right area, to create show accuracy, a bookshelf (tall) must be placed on an angle. But the bookshelf is only being placed at the normal 90 degree design. Is this a bug?

EDIT: also, blockdata rotation seems to not rotate it at all.

Rotation wasn't confirmed for this pre-release, it might come in the final release.

Try holding Shift (or whatever you've binded your sneak key to) and Right-click whilst placing the block. Make sure you are not standing at a 90 degree angle

I've found that for some blocks they rotate if placed on the left side of an adjacent block.


The block rotation feature is still a work in progress, much like the update. I'm sure the bug will be worked on in the next few test builds. :)

Most Tardis blocks will be able to have block rotations, with exceptions.

Time Cat. If the TARDIS Panels can be placed diagonally in this TB, is it a confirmed feature?


50. I might try the block thing, it may actually work. I was sneaking. 

Its in the update. Hold the block and stand by the corner you want it facing then hold shift and place it :D

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