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MrGasMaskMan report

I'm sure that you should have stumbled upon MumblesTimothyDean's trolling. But what you might not know is that a DMU admin, GasMask is encouraging him. He is not only encouraging him to troll, he supported his plagiarism from Ford_Pines, a respected member of this community. I request that he at least be demoted to Moderator or even default in DMU.



Here's evidence for the encouragement for the spam I posted it on another thread but here it is for you here too:


 Guys new development, We've got an admin encouraging this spam, I'll post what was said on Mumbles' profile by GASMASK!


Spam! Do it mumbles Do it! posted: Today 14:52



Mumbles is aloud to steal, Its a free we live in Xd

 Theft and plagiarism is a crime. Just because it's a free country doesn't mean you're allowed to break the law you idiot!

Okay I'll make it out of what you are. Whatever useless good for nothing crap I can find lying around on the street.

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