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Ed's ART

Hi there I'm just a shitty artist looking for attention

heres some of my crap I sometimes call art

Ignore how bad i am and just tell me what ya think

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WOW!! They are awesome!! How long did they take!?

 Not that long really, about 30-50 minutes


Those are really cool! I like your style :D *imaginary thumbs up*


maybe this works as well




There's no words to explain how awesome it is :O

i would ask you to draw me but just loading your images on my pc is enough to make my pc's cooling fan spin really fast i guess the art is that good


These are cool! The Drawings of you look fantastic as well as Sub's. You have a very interesting style there.

 you must teach me o-o


i must know how

 How what?

 I learned how to draw with the help of my brother (he's damn good)

the animation was made on photoshop

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