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DMU Staff Complaints Megathread

If you feel that a staff member has violated rules and/or should not be staff, please post why here.


Reporting: RichardSmoker

Why: He's a poopy poker

Has this happened before: Yes

Do you think it will happen again: Yes

Please do not unfairly report staff, for example:

Johnny035 feels like RichardSmoker shouldn't be staff because one time he made a joke about Johnny's skin and that's just mean. This is not what you should be reporting for and any unfair reports will be overwritten.

Innapropriate comments and ones such as "RICHARDSMOKER BANNED ME HE SHOULDNT BE ASTAFF!!!!" will also be overwritten.

That being said, don't be afraid to report if you feel that the reason you are reporting for is a good one.



Reporting: Acediajc

Why:  He has, in my opinion, abused his banning permissions as he has banned me for having a "drug shop" under my base.

He and multiple other staff have also seen this "drug shop" and had no reaction besides asking why it was there. 

I think this ban was biased as he is basing his judgement based on subjective reasons rather than hard evidence. 

I think his judgement was influenced by recent events. There was lot of drama between Ace, Sub and I have happened and Ace outright called me a (pardon my language) "stupid cunt".

Has this happened before: No

Do you think it will happen again: No

The faction issue has no relevance here. I hold no grudge against you or sub and have no ill feelings towards either about the past. Trust being absent and grudges are two different things. I have a job to do for the server and I upheld the morals of the server. Now for my points : 


A) I never saw it before . This was the first time I saw it when moved buildings over for room.

B) I asked other staff members if a ban should be places and if so how long and was replied 48hr , 72 hr. Or 24 hr. Went with the middle one . 48 hr.  I didn't pick the time.

C) We have children on the server and because of that we need to keep it a family friendly place.  Illicit drug stores do not premote that. I apologize you were prematurely pardoned but you will be pardoned by a staff member tomorrow night when your ban is up.


have a good night weirdogaming.

Calling me a "cunt" and saying I can "fuck off" doent really sound like you have no grudge, also that new chat you made's title is a but grudgy
And if said shop is blocked of and cant be entered then its not bothering the server in any way.

Mhm and I have since moved past it.


Also for the record you have told me to " fuck off" multiple times. Same with others. Anywho please see my last statement. I have nothing against you, but I just spoke with staff members and they agree that a drug shop has no place on a children friendly server. I am sorry.

Its funny how you only lose the grudge right after I make the post xD

Yeah because i left it that way because you failed to notice no one used the group. It was not touched in days

 How could I notice if I'm not even in the chat xD The screenshots are of your new chat you made after you removed the other one.

Yeah and no one used the new chat. 

Who sent you screens because they left that out

I'd prefer not to throw someone under the rug like that :)

Anteho this has gotten off topic. I have no ill will with you or Sub and the ban was justified. I am sorry but you will be banned untill tomorrow still

Right...now that that seems to be settled...can somebody clean this up or compact it down to be more practical? The next guy's gonna get drowned in this sea of posts...


Reporting: Edusgprnetwork

Why: He abused staff commands to steal my diamonds!


Reporting: Edusgprnetwork

Why: He abused staff commands to steal my diamonds!

 why would ed need your diamonds?  he has access to creative

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