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[Griefing Report] Tenth_Doctor_2006's tardis has been griefed [Being Looked into]

Minecraft Username: The_Runner03

Location of griefed building:  10269 75 55 (Public)

When it happened: Unknown (Probally earlier today)

Description of the problem: Tenth_Doctor_2006's griefed tardis

witness (if any): Nerdgamer, The_Runner03 saw the griefed part of it but dident see it happen

Please actually use the griefing report format and provide more information, otherwise, no one can help you


Format: https://swdteam.com/forum?p=thread&tid=284


I checked the grief and I could only see who placed it so its probaly griefed before block log came so me and other staff cant see who broke it so I suggest you repair it.

Thread will be locked

This thread has been locked.