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 please unban me I'm sorry for griefing the crops i want to go back on the dmu public i love playing this server  please unban me thank you ill give back the crops I'm so so sorry doctor0707 pls unban me minecraft username : alexisjost


1. format this

2. I see the that gatherer127 clearly said in the ban reason 24h ban so I leave this to gatherer127

unban me pls pls pls pls pls i want to play on the dmu

Stop, just stop  You just have to wait for a day until you can play again. The servers were down for a day a few weeks ago and you don't see everyone spamming the site. If you continue spamming, you might even be banned from this site

You keep spamming, and you'll never be unbanned. You'll be banned from the site too.

Also, Star isn't staff, so he cannot help you. Atleast, in the unbanning regard.

 ill stop spamming if you UNBAN ME SO UNBAN ME TELL A STAFF

 ill stop spamming if you UNBAN ME SO UNBAN ME TELL A STAFF

 Oh surely they'll unban you if you keep spamming the site and making useless threats! NOT! Stop, or you'll get banned from the site, I'm giving you this advice for your own good.

ILL STOP SPAMMING as i stop tell a staff to unban me

Well, Spamming here = Site ban.

Spam to your hearts content but we'll just ban you here too.

Your banned from the server until tomorrow morning, you only had a 24 Hour ban dam.

 Truer words were not said, but equal true was. 

EDIT: 10 of his 12 posts are spammy... dang.

just i don't want to spam but unban me ill stop spam i don't want to spam just play on DMU

I have a question, why can't you just wait? It's only a 24 hour ban y'know

Thank you for spamming Alexis! I'll just add 2 more hours to your ban.


Don't spam the forums.

This thread has been locked.