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pls unban me pls pls pls im really sorry unban me anyone pls i love the dalek mod univers

Just stop, Gatherer127 said that you are banned for 24 hours. So just wait for a day and you can get on the server again. But if you spam, you may have to serve a few more hours. You don't want that, do you?

pls unban me ill stop breaking rules if you unban me and ill stop spamming

and also i got ban for 1 hour 1 day later i was still banned

Just be patient, if people can get unbanned just by asking, the server would be much more chaotic, no one wants that. Please just wait for about a day, serve your 24 hours, then you can continue playing on this server.

pls ill donate money to the swdteam if you unban me

pls ill donate money to the swdteam if you unban me

 Staff said 24 hours.

So its 24 hours.

Swd/Staff do not take bribes

Begging to be unbanned will only make it worse until its perm

Donating doesn't guarantee unbanning, it's basically bribery, the SWD community doesn't condone that. It's just a day! And an overtime ban isn't rare, users have to be unbanned manually by staff. And staff have real life to attend to, so they can't unban you as soon as the 24hrs are up. But I guarantee they'll do it ASAP when they actually have time.

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