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SWD site new automated message

(I couldn't find a format for this)


So you know how when you create your SWD account, there's an automated message sent to your profile saying: 'Welcome to your SWDTeam profile'. I suggest that a new feature should be added to the site. So that when you create your account, there is another automatic message which includes links to useful forum posts. Like how to format reports and what not to do on the forums. I believe that these would help out a lot of new users

"Support, support, support, support, support, support, support..." Like holy cow O_o but yes, this should be a feature

"(I couldn't find a format for this)"


Make one up maybe?

I wouldn't say you'd need  a format for this. But I can think one up if you want one

A good suggestion, it will be useful.


I remember making a welcome page that the John(s) were going to implement for all new users. 

Not sure if it's still going in?



The format I put up was for reference, you don't have to follow it if it doesn't make your suggestion clear. It was mainly there for some (coincidently younger) users who may not be able to explain their suggestions very well.

I think the message should be something like this:

"Welcome to the SWD community! Here are some threads you should take a look at:

What not to do on the forums:


Forum survival guide:


Format for reports:


Format for suggestions:


Is that a bit too long? I dunno.


It could just go to 50's "Useful Links" post

 Well that post is kinda outdated tbh

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