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Aperture Science build progress.



This is the updated (and better) version of a previous version of this thread.


Me (Aloxian) and a couple other people, are currently building "aperture science" from the game "Portal" and are looking for people who might be interested in helping us.


 Q.were is it being built?

A. There is a warp to it /warp aperture its in that tall tower.

Q. How do I join?

A. Simply ask me in game and then change your title to aperture worker or

something of the sort just ask if I approve.

Q. Who can and can't join?

A. Any one can help but preferably, it would be good if you have played at least a bit of Portal or Portal 2.

Q. What's happening now?

A. At the moment we are collecting a team of people to help build but so far, We have built GlaDOS's chamber and the turret redemption line along with a couple rooms which will be used in the future.




I am not sure show to upload any images so for now this will have to do

As raven was banned, I am the new founder.





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