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What is this?

The SWDBuildTeam is the DMU's build team. We make various things from the server Spawns, to towns and cities.


Yes, this is the officialSWDBuildTeam, we’re not just using the name ‘SWD’.

Yes, we got permission from John beforehand to create this team.


How can I join?

There are a few ways you can be added to this team.

  1. You may be recognised for your great building work, and therefore invited to join the Team.

  2. You can show a ‘high ranking’ member of the Build Team (Such as myself) some of your builds, and you will be judged on whether your builds are of good enough standard for you to join. (If you use someone else’s build, you will not join the team, and may even be punished for doing so.)

  3. Apply. I would prefer it for people to use this method, it’s just easier. The link to do so is here.

Please do not be offended if you do not get into the team after applying or whatever, we would simply like to keep the team at a high standard, as their work will be used in certain areas, so it needs to look the best it can. If you are rejected, work on your building skills, then come back and try again!


What do they do?

Basically, if John wants a new custom TARDIS interior, spawn area, map, minigame, parkour course or whatever he wants us to build, we will do it. Aside from this, we will of course work on other projects in the meantime, such as towns, cities, and roleplay areas.


What do they get?

As of now, just a title on DMU. In the future, there could be things such as site badges, although this is quite unlikely.


Current members:

  • SubPai (Manager)
  • CuriousPlughole
  • EdusgprNetwork
  • War_Major
  • The_StarByte
  • dhi_awesome
  • Ly_Linx
  • Spaceblock Gaming
  • 56789builder
  • Ghostbuster3210

If you have applied, please wait a little while, as I do not check the forms that regularly. If a few weeks have passed, drop me a pm and I will take a look.




Well Curious can you post a list of accepted/rejected applications? So people can know if they get in or not

It's cool to see something like this but the TARDIS thing took me off guard because I thought that was what me and ford were doing lol

the TARDIS thing took me off guard because I thought that was what me and ford were doing lol

 Yeah, I didn't actually think about the examples I gave, to my knowledge you are still doing the interiors, although we may do any custom TARDISes.

I have updated the form as it needed to be tweaked in a few areas. If you have applied, but not heard anything back, please apply again using the new link (In the main thread.) It is in the same place as the old one, but is updated now. You may also notice that a list of the members is now also present in the thread. (If you are in the team and I forgot to put you there let me know!)

Please read this info.. Users has been banned for no reason if you are currently playing a server beware of thatcreeper.  thatcreeper abused admin commands by temp banning players for days without a reason.

 A couple things:

  1. Don't post on old threads. this thread has been untouched for just short of two years and is no longer relevant.
  2. Don't report staff without a clear reason and with proof.
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