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this is not a ban appeal

i dont really care that i got banned in the long run.but im thankful to all who made this possible.im finally free of my prison now i can be left alone for the rest of my life in peace and redstone.so thank you innocent_fox edusgprnetwork jellyfish_3 slyman12345678 spaceblock357 and everyone else,have a good life you guys,il be with my redstone on another server.because this was my plan all along.

If it was your plan to leave then why didn't you just...leave?

thats the thing i couldnt leave half of me said leave but the other half pulled me back in,its doing the same right now too i'm making a ban appeal this isnt right why do i do these things i need help ok but no one helps me with my mental problems i have adhd this is hard for me


"in peace and redstone" "i'll be with my redstone", are you in some kind of relationship with redstone?

I think he means he'll be in another place making redstone contraptions. Also whats with all the Images Sub?

yes i am in a relation ship with redstone its all i have in my worlds so if you want you can make it say BedrockEnderman is in relationship with redstone on my profile.i love this server ok i need this server i need people to help my mental problems and adhd.

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