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[WARNING] Christmas Hackers

Microsoft & Sony Servers may be hacked...

Minecraft Servers may be affected.

Many of you may not now, but Sony and Microsoft have been threatened by hackers, who may be taking down their servers over Christmas. This will most likely include the Minecraft authentication servers, which are required for connecting to ALL online minecraft servers... You may not be able to connect to DMU.

Unfortunately, the issue is on Microsoft's side, so we will be unable to solve any issues ourselves, however we can live in hope and leave the DMU server open, in case any of you are able to connect!

In case we do not see you tomorrow, have a very merry Christmas! The SWDTeam site and all other non-minecraft services should go unaffected.

To find out more details, please watch the below video.



u know what...1. i bet he mad all of it up 2. mad all the twitter accounts and posted them. sooo fake

its Christmas Eve and the public server's up, but I'm getting weird rejections when I try to go on private

Geez, how unfortunate. :( Everyone should still be careful going into the New year, and GET YOUR FIREWALLS AND SUCH CHECKED IF YOU CAN!

That was bad i hate hackers. Can i ask something? How to be a Beta Tester?

That was bad i hate hackers. Can i ask something? How to be a Beta Tester?

 You will need to donate some money by buying SWD Beta Access, which gives you access to all SWD-related content early! It's on sale (only $1.25 USD) so for a small fee you get that along with early Dalek Mod content!

I need some help cause i can't join the server , theres 30 people online and i have a premium account but it says readtimeoutexception , which means ur the one fault for that so i want you to start doing something about it i started yesterday and now i cant even login in !

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